Ways to Nourish your Hair


Having long flowing hair is a desire of most girls. However, long hair in themselves are not enough. They need to be healthy and naturally shinning to leave an impact on the onlookers and also to reflect the overall health and hygiene of a person.

All this demands proper nourishment of hair so as to prevent them from becoming dry and brittle. Given below are some tips which can easily help you to nourish your hair for natural shinning and healthy hair.

For healthy hair, you need a healthy scalp and that demands proper care and nourishment. Regular shampooing and conditioning of hair is a must to free your hair from unwanted dirt, dust and pollutants. You also need to massage your hair and scalp once a week to ensure proper circulation and nourishment of hair.

Just like your body, your hair too needs nourishment from a healthy and nutritious diet. Certain vitamins are extremely helpful for the proper growth and health of hair and these include vitamins like vitamin A, B3, B5, C and E.

Also, according to research, drinking adequate water regularly is a must to keep your body and hair hydrated and healthy. This is because dehydrated body leads to hair problems like dry and brittle hair which are prone to dandruff.

Along with vitamins, your body also needs adequate amounts of protein as proteins are the building blocks of hair. Additionally, include omega 3 fatty acids in your diet and get plenty of calcium, healthy fats and other nutrients through intake of a well balanced diet.

A proper diet also helps in preventing the problem of hair loss, often experienced by many. Follow these simple tips and naturally nourish your hair so that you can easily flaunt your naturally healthy and shinning hair.

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  • even though i try to maintain my hair by taking care of it as much as i can i still have a prominent problem of hair damage , hairfall, and rough ends earlier i used to have thick and luxurious hair but due to some unknown defficiency they are withering away and also myscalp seems to be itching but i have checked my hair scalp for dandruff and havent found any please suggest some home made remedies