Ways to improve your married life

Certainly sex is a major element in your martial life. It can either spice up your married life in double terms or can even ruin it badly. So make sure you have a very satisfying and enjoyable sex life with your partner to keep your love growing more and more every coming day. Here are some tips for women that she can use to make her sex / married life more enriching and pleasurable. Just read them out!

Identify what brings your partner to joy and fun. Involve yourself and your partner in such small acts to increase the intimacy between both of you.

Don’t mind if your husband want to spend some time with his colleagues who can enlighten him on the ways to deal up with problems affected him.

Use the troubled times to buildup intimacy and companionship. Engage him in some interesting household work, or share your child’s achievement in school to engage him in other aspects of life apart from his job.

Engage in non-sexual acts like touching, rubbing, giving your partner a nice head to foot massage. You never know things might turn to a real thing. So just try out once without thinking much.

If you both are going through some trouble, then tell him that you believe your partner and that you guys will be together no matter what happens. Believe me, this will boost only boost his confidence in tremendous way, but make him more loving and supporting towards you.

At times, take lead and touch him sensually with no pressure to him to perform. Believe me, he would love your this bold effort.

So what more you waiting for now, just inculcate the above written points in your love life to make it richer and fulfilling.