Ways to Help a Person Quit Smoking


You might have started smoking for fun and adventure, maybe to move with the trend, to look fashionable or simply due to any stress or depression. Whatever may be the reason for your smoking, one thing is for sure- it slowly becomes an addiction leading to various health problems. You have to quit smoking to live a healthy life. Maybe you tried once and failed. But you should not lose hope as majority of people fail in their first attempt of trying quitting smoking. However, you need to have the will power and strength to quit this life-snatching habit. To help you, given below are some useful tips.

Once you decide to quit smoking, you should stick to this resolution, how much ever hard you might find. Support of friends and self control are the main weapons. However, if you feel like smoking, you should do deep breathing. Inhale air to the maximum level, and then exhale it slowly. This will help you release all your stress and tension thereby relaxing you. Don’t give in to the urge, overcome it and be victorious. During the first few days of quitting, you should consume plenty of water and fluids so as to flush out any nicotine or toxin which might be there in your body. Drinking water is anyways a healthy habit. Also, in the first 3 to 4 days, you need to ensure that your sugar levels are slightly higher than normal by drinking plenty of juice.

This is because smoking also led to rise in sugar levels and its immediate stop can lead to sugar cravings, headaches and discomforts. In about a week’s time, your body will automatically adjust to the smoking-less living. Instead of sitting idle, engage yourself in any activity which gives you pleasure. Keep yourself busy. Also, stay away from alcohol and caffeine as that can trigger off the craving for cigarette smoking. There are various kinds of help available for people who want to quit smoking. You only need to develop the will-power, strength and a resolution for healthy living.

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  • There are many reasons why a woman starts to smoke cigarettes and it is society what has made it really common for us to see woman smoking everywhere, but there are benefits of smoking, and Women smoking cigarettes look better to the eyes of some men

  • Iknow

    I dont agree with the comment from Women Cigarettes. There are no benefits from smoking. I have been smoking for 8years i know. Men may find this more attractive on the outside but only if he knew what was going on inside. Good luck to all who try to quit it is very hard but it can be done =D

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