Ways to get rid of Blackheads

To attain a clear and a flawless skin is the dream and desire of every girl. Blackheads add obstacle to this dream as they overshadow one’s beauty with annoying blemishes. Blackheads are caused basically in oily skin where excess of oil leads to a clogging of pores. High pollution level, stress, hormonal effect and others can also lead to the formation of blackheads. Following some basic tips, one can prevent and even get rid of this ugly problem which can also lead to other skin problems like acne.

Prevention is better than cure and hence, one should take all adequate steps to prevent blackheads from overshadowing your beauty. One should avoid using creamy, greasy and thick products as blackheads form due to excess of oil and such products only add to the problem. One should wash one’s face twice a day to remove dirt and pollution which gets attached to the skin. However, excess of washing can produce a reverse effect as it can lead to a higher formation of oil by the glands to compensate for the loss of natural oil which happens with frequent washing and drying. Keeping the skin clean and oil-free is the basic way of preventing the formation of blackheads. This can be achieved by using natural cleansers and astringent solutions. In addition, using a gentle exfoliant to keep the dead cells of the skin can be helpful in preventing this problem.

If you are facing the problem of blackheads, you should strictly avoid harsh squeezing or scraping of the blackheads as it can damage the skin surrounding the pore. Using steam treatment is beneficial in opening up of pores which in turn leads to loosening of blackheads thereby enabling their safer removal from one’s face. Generally, most people face the problem of blackheads on their nose. Thus, adequate care should be taken to keep the area clean, hygienic and oil-free to prevent your skin and beauty from any shadows of blemishes.

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