Ways to decorate kids room


Hey people, are you looking for some wonderful ways to decorate your kid’s room? Well then doesn’t panic much- read this article below as it will guide you on various innovative and smart ways for decorating your kid’s room?

The first and foremost thing- keep in mind to keep your kid’s room happy but not too bright. The reason one should opt for light colors is that when drawn, bright colors transmit light into the room in bright shades, which may be uncomfortable to eyes.

stripes and checks are a good idea for kids don’t really approve of subtle designs and self-embroidery, but again, gamboges yellow with magenta flowers may be to much even for them.

Keep in mind that a very delicate lace work on baby pink may not be the answer to having a chic bedroom. It would only make one nervous and worried about keeping it intact. Go for colors or designs (checks, motifs ad appliqués, techno designs and ethnic work are all acceptable) as long as it makes you happy and comfortable.

Keep kid’s room cheerful and happy as much as possible using cartoons, plants, checks and flowers. Sulphur green prints on canary yellow sheet, red and white checks, black and white polka dots, red ad yellow stripes, bright blue with purple dinosaur print, red sheet with ABCs in all colors or even numbers etc.

As for the choice of fabrics, go for cotton only. Kids have a tendency to jump on cots, so the fabric should not cause them to slip and fall.

Keep bed sheets plain and simple, in pastel shades as these are easy to wash and maintain. Go for light prints, preferably floral.

But keep in mind that if your kids are over six years, avoid too much of cartoons and kiddy stuffs.