Ways to Deal with a Defiant Child


DefiantChild Parents of defiant children face a daunting task of upbringing their children in the right way. This is because defiant children tend to defy all the rules, advice, and teachings of their parents. Instead, such children prefer to live life their own way without any rules and regulations. Thus article will provide some tips that will help you to effectively deal with your defiant child.

If you have a defiant child, then you should try to find out the cause of your child’s defiance. There are some children who get defiant due to excessive control and intrusive nature of parents.

As a parent, it is your right and duty to be aware of the habits and whereabouts of your child. But, you should not become too intrusive and authoritative as children, especially teenagers, defy such control and authority of parents.

To effectively deal with a defiant child, you need to be patient and tolerant. Instead of being an authoritarian figure, you should befriend your child. You need to explain your child as a friend and try to solve problems through proper communication.

Most parents scold their children and give them punishments when their child rebels and defies them. After all, outbursts and frustration are the most common reaction of parents whose children defy them. However, this behavior can create constant tension in the house and can lead to a series of arguments.

To effectively deal with your defiant child, you need to be patient and calm with your child. If your child is a rebel, then you need to gain his trust first. Instead of ordering children, you need to guide them and for that you need a relationship of trust. Understand your child, his problems and his views, and guide him as a friend and an advisor.

Follow the above given tips to effectively handle defiant children.

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  • Great article. Great article. I agree. Negative reactions from the parents don’t usually produce the desired results in dealing with a behavior defiant child. Sometimes, the best thing a parent can do is gain new insights into how an extremely defiant child thinks, and then develop new patterns of parenting that speak to that thought process. Parenting a child is a lifelong learning process. As a mom of 4, I am speaking from experience. Again, nice article.