Ways to Boost Self Esteem in Children

boost self esteem in child

Self esteem is a combination of two words,”self”and “esteem”.”Self’as known is the individual and esteem is something you uphold as valued or of great importance. It is a quality not quantified in physical terms .It is a feeling of value that you possess for yourself .It stands for how important you feel your self worth to be. It stands apart from self love or narcissism. It does not apply to being a braggart or full of importance to the point of being pompous.

Children are social beings. They revel in their play groups. Through play they enact social situations and reactions to them. Peer groups are formed on various criteria, varying from as diverse as body type to common interests. Children seek to have a sense of belonglingness.When they feel and think they too are worth something they do not show blind adherence to the herd mentality. Children are masters of imitation as they learn about their world from it. When they feel they are important they will think of consequences their actions and beware of disasters that ma befall them.

Loss of self esteem may arise from a number of factors. Under appreciation by parents as well as constant comparison with siblings may be leading causes to this loss. Perceptions of the family also have a major role in this upheaval. An athletically inclined family may place emphasis on physical activities and the non athletic one of the brood may be termed as inept. A change in the school may also cause this as the base group anchors are lost. The child may also be at ease in the home environs but have uncertainty about the out doors.

To make a child confident about himself the tools for encouragement and positive reinforcement are to be used. Unwarranted praise can cause damage to the child’s psyche. Ass the child will turn into a praisehound, seeking to gather approval from all quarters good or bad. Adults should not deprecate the child. Isolating the cause from the effect may work as an effective technique. Iterating the examples of bad behavior and berating the child will not help. Children feel worthless due to this.

Children are extremely sensitive to comments from their peer group. Though you cannot control what some one will say you can befriend your child enough to safeguard him from attacks on his self image. The child should be rewarded with appreciation and not only praise when he shows an interest in something. You can involve the child in that particular activity or in parts to help him to gain a sense of accomplishment. Do not praise the child for his interest alone as the next time he may show interest only for praise.

Children are extremely sensitive to judgment .
They completely take words in anger to define that they are worth nothing..Safegaurd against this. They value those who value them. Children after a certain age can actively participate in decisions or in parts of them so involving them will give their self esteem a boost.

Children should also be taught to accept defeat or loss with an ambivalent attitude. The value their things and achievements a lot and if any of them are lost it causes them great despair. King Bruce’s story of trying till he succeeded will act as a serious morale booster.

Fostering self esteem in the child can help him to feel confident .It can help them to face any situation however inclement and come out on top. It can make the child a balanced individual capable of holding his own in this hostile world.

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