Ways to achieve a Clear and a Clean Skin

It is rightly said that the external appearance is the gateway through which the internal self of a person can be judged. Having a clean and a clear skin is not only a means of appearing beautiful and attractive, but it also reflects upon the inner hygienic qualities of a person. Moreover, a clear skin is a sign of healthy living conditions which in turn protects a person from various skin related disorders. Getting a clear skin does not involve loads of labor as a daily simple care of your skin can help produce that shine and glow on your face.

The best way to ensure healthy skin is by ensuring that you eat a healthy and a nutritious diet. One should increase one’s intake of liquids and fluids as water is one of the best way to remove toxins from one’s body which in turn makes one’s skin shine with health. In addition, one should increase one’s intake of vitamins. Exercising also helps a lot in the overall glow of a person as sweating helps in opening up of the pores of the skin along with improving the blood circulation in the body. Washing one’s face at least twice a day along with using mild cleanser can help in enhancing your complexion. One should avoid astringents and heavy creams. Moisturizing one’s face daily with oil-free moisturizer and use of toners according to your face type can be helpful in keeping your skin clean and clear.

There are also natural and home made methods available which can help in promoting a clear and a healthy skin. These include applying a paste of egg yolk mixed with honey on one’s face for about 10-15 minutes. This should be washed with lukewarm water to attain the desired effect. These are simple and healthy methods which can help a person to attain a shiny and a healthy skin. So follow basic skin care methods to present a clear and a clean skin to the world.

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