Want to save your brain-Read this out!


Don’t be surprised to read out that all those luscious and tempting fruits and veggies that are available at your local market can save you from brain damage? So go ahead and buy quite a bit. This is good news for all those fruit lovers out there, and inspiration for everyone else, because each additional juicy orange or a bowl of strawberries that you eat during a day can slash your risk of brain-crippling stroke by 11 percent. Not only this, fruits also lowers the chances of heart attacks too!

Not only fruits, but another good news is that even veggies help in cutting stroke by another 3 percent. However, fruit is the best option for everyone out there. Do you know that potassium present in fruits keeps your blood pressure down? Fruits are also a full of fiber and other nutrients that help to keep the cholesterol level in check. So wondering which all fruits contain the higher amounts of potassium, well, in that case, go for bananas, melons, strawberries, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, oranges, spinach, apples and nectarines. So what’s more you waiting for now? Just go to a local farmer’s market for great buys on the season’s freshest produce.

Before buying anything from local farmer’s market, make sure you know a difference between what’s fresh and what’s not. Believe me; this knowledge will help you to buy those stuffs than are high in their nutritional value which can help you in having a great and sound health, free from any kind of brain damage. So step out and buy those colorful veggie and fruits. Feed your stomach with them and save your brain from getting damaged. Well, after reading all this, don’t you think that it the best way to stay healthy and happy to?

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