Want to lose weight? Read this!

Here are some simple tips to stay healthy while losing your unwanted kilos. just read out!

Eat oily fish weekly:
Oily fish supply omega-3 fats to your body which keeps your heart healthy, joints supple plus your brain in proper shape. Though the calorie content of an oily fish is much higher than a white fish, but it is very important to feed yourself with it at least once a week to provide your body with omaega-3 fatty acids which are really important for proper functioning of your body systems. They are also very effective in dealing with ailments such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

Have diary proteins:
Do you know that calcium rich dairy products like curd, milk etc boosts your bones and also keeps you in slim–fit figure by influencing the way the fat cells work? So, regularly feed yourself with low-calorie skimmed milk and low-fat yoghurt. Remember that a good bone density ensures your protection against osteoporosis. Also, having enough calcium and potassium content in body reduces your chances of suffering from hypertension.

Reduce the intake of salt:

Don’t be surprised to read out that by reducing the intake of salt in your diet, you can reduce your blood pressure problem many folds. It also checks your water intake too. Remember that you can drop around two to three pounds of water weight simply by reducing your salt intake from 9gms to 6gms.

Limit your alcohol intake:

Do you know that beyond 40 years of age, moderate daily amount of alcohol intake proves to be good for your heart? But mind to put a limit on that, otherwise too much of alcohol can lead to breast cancer, brittle and premature skin ageing. So, keep the happy hours in check!