Want To Lose Weight? Eat more

Lose Weight Eat more

 Lose Weight Eat more We all envy the metabolism of our leaner friends who seem to eat meals after meals of sinfully delicious dishes; without putting on an ounce of extra weight. While the less fortunate ones seem to put on weight, simply by sniffing the dishes. Everybody has heard and lamented about the advice, “Eat less to lose weight”. Luckily, there seems to be good news for those who want to lose weight but hate to starve themselves. Yes, there is a way to lose weight by eating more.

But before you go running to order a large burger with extra cheese and French fries on the side, you should read further to understand what are the foods which will help to lose weight, because unfortunately not all foods will do that. But before you lose hope again, you should first find out if any of these good foods are in your list of favorites. These amazing foods have the power to help you shed those extra pounds and also to keep unwanted cravings away. So snack away to a slender waistline.


Contrary to popular belief, eggs, including the yolk do not increase your weight. They are full of protein which helps to make you feel fuller for a longer period of time and also helps to keep your blood sugar level in check to help keep the cravings away. Eating poached, scrambled or boiled eggs in breakfast are a tasty and healthy option to fight the fat.

Green tea:

Although there have not been medical proof of the slimming effect of green teas, it is still a rage among the tea drinkers. There are many who swear by the power of herbal teas to help in losing weight. It might be because of the presence of catechins which are anti-oxidants found in green tea which will help in getting rid of the free radicals inside the body and boost the metabolism and also lowers cholesterol. The Chinese are known to drink herbal tea after their meals to improve digestion.


Although fruits contain sugar, it is a much healthier form than the processed sugar and helps to keep our body free from toxins and boosts the metabolism. Fruits also help to keep you feeling fuller and can help to fulfill the cravings for sweet. Pears and apples contain fibers which help to reduce the body’s cholesterol levels.

There have been several studies which have shown that these have the ability to stop the between meal cravings and also induces loss of body weight. Oranges and lemons are also known to help the body to shed the extra weight. Eating grape-fruit or grapefruit juice has been found to decrease the body’s insulin level thereby helping to convert food into energy rather than fat.


This might come as a surprise but studies have shown that lean beef can actually help you reducing weight. This is because of the high protein content in beef which makes you feel fuller for a long time and hence you eat less. Grilled beef is a much better option than the cooked variety. Also you should opt for the leaner cuts than the fat portions when purchasing the meat. It also contains an amino acid which helps in converting fat into energy inside the body and is abundant in meats like beef.


Green salad with low calorie dressing is an amazing way to lose those inches and keep the cravings away. Including sprouts and sprouted pulses in your salads will help you to absorb all its good vitamins and nutrients and help you in trimming the waistline. Bean salad is an excellent way to help you in losing weight; because beans contain the appetite suppressant hormone, known as cholecystokinin. So toss up a healthy green salad the next time you want to binge.

Spices and herbs:

Cinnamon combined with honey has been found to be helpful in shedding those extra calories and also to keep you from putting on more pounds. Herbs like coriander have been found to decrease the bad cholesterol level and boost the good cholesterol helping to combat fat increase in the body. Other herbs like basil, thyme etc are also supposed to have weight reducing properties.


These are the wonder food of the modern world and studies have shown that probiotics are very important for maintaining a good gut health and to boost the metabolism of the body. Including foods like yoghurt helps to improve digestion, boosts immunity and prevents the body fat from accumulating in the belly. All these and more definitely makes yoghurt sound even more delightful.

Omega 3 fatty acids:

Omega rich foods which include fresh water fishes like salmon, mackerel, sardines etc and other sources like soy and soy products are also an excellent and tasty way to help you shed those extra pounds. Fresh water fishes are especially beneficial in this regard. Steaming the fish is a much healthier option than cooking in oil.


Having a bowl of high-fiber cereals like corn flakes, oatmeal etc will definitely increase your chances of losing weight. The high fiber content in these cereals helps to keep your appetite at bay and also decreases the between the meal cravings. It is healthy and filling enough on its own but including a few slices of fruits or a handful of dry fruits like almonds and raisins will give you a delightful way to lose the belly fat.


Soups is an excellent starter to help you in eating less of the main course. Extremely filling and packed with nutrients, soups can be custom made to suit your palate and yet will hardly be fattening. So next time you are going out for dinner, make sure you have a bowl of soup as a starter.

Apart from the above there are many other foods which help in putting away those calories from piling in our bodies. And with such a long list to choose from which includes meat, fish, eggs and many others, it will not be wrong to say that eating is a much better way to lose weight than by following the fad diets. So, eat away to your heart’s content and shed those pounds along the way.

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