Want To Know Why You Should Go For Vitamin Supplements? Read This!

Definitely for many of us vitamin means bottles of pills lining on the shelves of a local chemist. Very few among us know that these substances are also present in minute quantities in the food, we eat everyday. Does that make you to think that’s what the purpose or reason of taking vitamin supplements then? Even though, we get vitamins through the food we eat, we need vitamin supplements too as most vitamins and minerals are volatile and gets destroyed during the chopping, grinding, cutting or cooking procedure. Many times, even your body finds it hard to absorb all the vitamins in the food due to absorptive disorder. Some food components like phytates and tannins hinder the vitamin absorption too.

Vitamins process the proteins, carbohydrates and fats which we eat in form of our daily meals. They contain zero percent calories and are essential in building cells, tissues and organs plus improving your body’s immunity level. Vitamins protect your body from oxidant damages. They also protect you from harmful effects of growing pollution, increasing day –today stress and untimely ageing. They are known for anti-ageing and anti-cancer benefits.

Each person has varied amount of vitamin supplements requirements. Adolescents, lactating mothers, pregnant woman may require more amount than a normal person. If you exercise on daily basis on a vigorous level, smokes regularly, takes alcohol and related stuff or suffering from any major injury, then certainly in such cases your vitamin supplement requirement too increases up. But one should be careful enough before taking up such supplements. Make sure you let your medical history and lifestyle analyzed by a trained and certified nutritionist before you go on for the option of vitamin supplements. Mind it that supplements are only good enough when they are taken in right amount and at the right time, too much and too little of it can have harmful effects on your body.

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