Vocal Exercises


If you want your voice to sound melodious, then you should try to improve your voice quality with the help of vocal exercises. You must have noticed that people who sing after a gap usually suffer from hoarseness and are not able to sing in their natural melodious way. This is because your voice needs regular exercise and practice to sound melodious and of high audible quality. Given below are some vocal exercises which every singer and aspiring singer must follow.

For a great singing voice, you need to perform regular vocal exercises. These exercises are aimed at strengthening your vocal muscles so as to improve your singing quality. A good vocal instructor can easily teach you various kinds of vocal exercises needed to hone your singing skills. There are also online tutorials available for the same. Just like we warm up our body before undertaking any form of exercise, we also need to warm up our vocal cords and muscles before performing vocal exercises.

After warming up your vocal cords, you can perform various vocal exercises for polishing your singing power, extending your vocal range, making your voice melodious, and also for gaining vocal flexibility. The flow of breath and breathing techniques and exercises play an important role in vocal exercises. For instance, some of the vocal exercises involve saying of Italian vowel sounds prefixed by consonant ‘m’. Similarly, various other kinds of word combinations are made for exercising your vocal cords and all these exercises focus on the importance of breath control.

Listening to lyrics, practicing breathing exercises, and paying attention to the vocal flexibility and accuracy are essential steps towards vocal training. Thus, it is important to indulge in vocal exercises for honing your singing skills. These exercises should preferably be learnt from a trained vocal expert for maximum benefit.