Violence in children


Do you know that unprecedented changes of 90’s have profoundly impacted the behavior and thinking of every member of household families of this generation? But the worse hits are the sensitive group of docents and young children. Therefore it is very important to take care of budding violence in children. Violence in children can be characterized due to easy defiance, Easy peer sanctions, confidence in playing dangerous games and roles. Violence in children can be emotional, physical or verbal. Children show the violence in form of aggressiveness, breaking up household items or by arguing.

There is no single factor that aggravates the violence among young children. There exits numerous reasons for growing violence in children. It can be increasing materialism, growing high-class competition and globalization. One of the most prominent reasons of growing violence in youth is when child’s intelligence is channelised in wrong directions. Moreover drug addiction and increased alcohol intake and other related activities do affect young minds and turn them towards violence. even the high peer pressure existence, marks oriented results in academics with poor role models do led to an exceptional behavior from child’s side. Today youth tend to have ‘chalta hai’ attitude towards everything which hampers their mind badly.

Certainly it’s very important to take care of the young minds before it’s too late and they have crossed all the limits of mild violence. Parents should involve in their children in creative activities by channelising their energies in some positive and result oriented work. Not only parents, but teachers, counselors, school all should work together for keeping the child on a good track. They should make efforts to build nice wavelength in between to help the child to cope up with changing world enviroment in positive manner. Together they can have much positive impact on child and give them energy to move on in better way.

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