Various Benefits Of Castor Oil

Benefits Of Castor Oil

Benefits Of Castor Oil

If you have faith in the power of natural healing and herbal remedies then castor oil is one such natural oil which can be beneficial for your skin, health and your overall well being.

Having been used for natural healing for thousands of years, the modern world is gradually discovering the many ways in which castor oil can be utilized for a healthy and beautiful life. This article will guide you through the many assets that this humble oil possesses.

Top Benefits Of Castor Oil

The Best Remedy For Constipation And Stomach Ailments

Constipation is a common problem amongst the elderly, young children and people who suffer from thyroid. Castor oil can be an effective remedy for the occasional constipation. It may not taste great so you can mix one teaspoon of castor oil with a glass of water or fruit juice for children and drink it before you to bed.

Prevent Constipation

It improves bowel movement tremendously. However, medical practitioners do not recommend regular use of castor oil as a laxative and it must be used only for an occasional purpose. Not only constipation, but castor oil is useful for relieving commons stomach disorders like diarrhea and stomach infections. Drinking castor oil with water will help flush your stomach and clean your system.

Treat Wrinkles And Age Spots With Castor Oil

Wrinkles and age spots are inevitable signs of aging that you have to come to terms with. However, with the use of castor oil you can slow the aging of your skin and prevent the onset of wrinkles and dry skin that are common signs of aging. Massage your face and other areas of your body with castor oil regularly for moisturizing the skin and making it firm.

Prevent Wrinkles

Castor oil works excellently to erase fine lines and wrinkles so apply it generously over age spots and wrinkles every night before you go to bed. On regular application you will see a noticeable difference in the quality of your skin.

Castor oil can be effectively used to get smooth and soft hands. Often excessive household work and regular contact with water can dry out your hands. Massage them with castor oil regularly to ease out creases.

Use Castor Oil For Skin Infections

For ages castor oil has been used externally to help deal with common skin problems like bruises, cuts, abrasions, ringworm and infections. Apply pure castor oil to the area and help it recover. Not only will it heal the skin but will lighten the scars that many skin conditions can leave you with.

Skin Infections

Use Castor Oil To Soothe Arthritic Pain, Menstrual Cramps And Muscles Aches

Physically active people are often prone to muscle cramps owing to heavy physical work, as are the elderly to rheumatic pain. If you have a muscle cramp or are suffering from a back ache or menstrual pain then you can use castor oil to soothe the pain. Take a soft towel and pour a few drops of castor oil into it. Apply it on the affected area and press it with a heating pad or a hot water bag. It will provide you immediate relief.

Muscle Cramp

Other Benefits Of Castor Oil

Castor oil is extremely versatile in nature and its benefits do not end here. Castor oil can be used for treating diseases like Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis and even cerebral palsy. It can help treat hair loss and hair related problems. So discover the various facets of castor oil and use it for healthy living.

Treat Hair Loss