Unbeaten Rules For The Dating Scene

Rules For The Dating Scene

Rules For The Dating Scene When you are dating someone it is very important to be dignified and composed at all times. After all, two people are just trying to get to know each other. If you make mistakes, then your date could loose interest in you.

Dating is a game, and it has rules that you should follow religiously. You can turn up a winner after your dating endeavor or a loser. If you follow the rules of dating, the chances of your success increase drastically.

When to be Available

One of the most important rules for women is to act hard to get. If you become available or clingy, then you can damage your prospects with the guy.  It is easy to fall in love and make the mistake to looking needy. An easy way is to understand and accept that you are dating to find out if you are compatible with each other.

This will help to detach from the relationship and respect your individuality. Some of the men keep up with the tricks women apply when dating. If you feel that your date knows how you are trying to play him, tweak the rule book a little.

The aim of dating rules is to keep men guessing. If you reveal yourself too easily, then it will not be very appealing. Keep your date surprised at all stages; they will only love the challenge. Focus on the goal, test his interest in you and never let him understand what goes on in your mind.

However, it is easy to misinterpret this rule. Acting hard to get does not imply you are unavailable; this will make him question your interest. Also, never be late for a date. This is just bad manners. It only means that you should avoid calling him often. If you call once, then wait for him to give you the next call. If you are calling him every time, then you appear frantic and a cling on.

Also, do not give a call back immediately every time. It shouldn’t look like you don’t have any personal agenda. Appear busy but interested. Never call him back the very next day. Wait for a few days before calling him and make the conversation succinct.

It shouldn’t look like you are trying to force him into dating you. If is free on one day then never be free every time on the same day. Ensure that he is making efforts to make time for you also by adjusting his schedule.

Getting to Know Each Other

There are rules to abide by when you two are getting to know each other also. You should appear mysterious and not give away all information about yourself in the first date. If you reveal everything about yourself too quickly, you tend to look gangling and clingy.

Give very brief information about yourself on the first date. It is good to let conversation revolve around general topics like the weather! You could also talk about movies, music, travel, etc. Begin to talk about things you care only when he look genuinely interested in you.

The worst thing to do is to talk about previous relationships. For that matter, avoid talking about any bad experiences that you might have had in the past. If you dump emotional baggage on your date, you will only drive him away. Talking about your past relationships will make you appear insecure and it will appear like you are still not over them.

This can it might show that you are harboring ill feelings like bitterness and anger. You will appear like an emotional mess and it will him reconsider dating with you. Another big mistake is talking about what you want in the future too much. It looks like you have no criteria, but want to marry the first guy that comes along.

Assess and Understand your Date

Never loose sight of the main goal of dating, which is to test your compatibility. Get to know the guy, if he appears testy and unreliable; drop all plans of future dates immediately. He should treat you well and look interested in you.

He should  be debonair and appear hygienic at all times. It is easy to make the mistake of assuming personality characteristics about him and fall for him in the beginning. But, keep away from that and remind yourself that he might not be the Mr. right you want in your life.

Take notice of all his mannerisms closely. Ensure that he returns you calls, sends you flowers, pays for the dinner (atleast every now and then), calls the cab for, escorts you to your table, etc.  Never answer the phone every time he calls you, let the answering machine get it. If he genuinely wants to date you, he will definitely leave a message or two. Also, ensure that you answer back a call within three days. More than that will make him think that you are not interested.

Grooming is Essential

Many women feel that looking good to attract men is like being victimized. But, this is not true. Enjoy the way you look and tell him this by decking up. By this we do not mean that you have to dab loads of make up all the time. However, it is important to look neat and spruced.

You do not have to alter your personal style in any way; but it is important to look feminine. Some grooming necessities are; take care of your skin, wear perfumes, keep your mane looking lustrous and beautiful, wear makeup to look fresh and perky, etc.

One of the most vital tips is to dress appropriately for the date. Do not show too much skin, and avoid wearing very loose clothes also. A good tenet is to be covered up on the top, if you are wearing a short outfit and revealing your legs.

Vice versa, if the top of your outfit is revealing, the length of the garment should at least reach the knees. Grooming tips are especially important if you are dating a dapper guy. If your date is particular about appearances, then should also gear up. If you cant, then accept that you are not compatible.

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