Troubled by stretch marks? Read this!


Stretch marks have been a bane of any skin type. Every time you loose weight, you are troubled by the haunting thoughts of stretch marks appearing on your body. These stretch marks are nothing more than the breakdown of elastic tissues, as your skin stretches. It can be due to various reasons like pregnancy, work out, weight issues and height gain.

*Whenever one gains weight and then loses it, these stretch marks appear.

*During the pregnancy time, the growing fetus distends the abdomen area, stretches it to get adjusted. This stretching leads to appearance of red stretch marks around abdomen.

*Whenever young girl and boys are on the stage of height gain, often horizontal stretch marks emerge on the lower back of their bodies.

*Stretch marks become appear in young men too, when they try hard in building up their body in gym or fitness center.

Such innocuous looking lines have been haunting everyone and making them to run from pillar to post for getting the perfect solution for these stretch marks removal. But sadly enough, these stretch marks cannot be removed completely. They can be made less visible. Here are some ways that can help you in same:

* Massaging the affected area with vitamin E creams can be very effective. You can try out aloe vera gels and creams too twice a day for the same purpose.

* You can take supplements of vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin B in your diet.

* In extreme cases, multiple sessions of chemicals peels can be taken to lighten these stretch marks.

* Diamond microdermabrasion is a latest technique which lightens the stretch marks by flattening them out. In this process, the stretch marks are polished with combination of cut, uncut diamonds which are fixed on platinum tips. This process is very effective in making marks softer, lighter and less visible.