Treating Angina the Natural Way

Angina pain is a problem which is associated with an acute chest pain along with a tightening, squeezing or a burning sensation in the chest area. It is a common symptom of Coronary Artery Disease and unstable angina is also known to initiate a heart attack. Angina pain is induced in the body on account of reduced blood flow to the heart owing to narrowing of heart arteries. These can be caused by the deposits of fats on blood vessels of heart; uncontrolled blood pressure; anemia; heavy smoking; and also due to formation of blood clots that may partially or fully block the artery.

To treat and prevent angina the natural way, the most common need is to bring about a change in one’s lifestyle. Switch from tempting but unhealthy fatty food to healthy nutritious diet accompanied with regular exercise. Treat the root cause of angina first which may be anything from high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and others. Consume a well balanced but a nutritious and a light diet which would help in controlling all the above mentioned problems which may be leading to angina pain. In addition, boost up the intake of Vitamin A, C and E to prevent and control the onset of angina. Many people suggest that boiling a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds with water, straining its solution and drinking it with addition of honey can be helpful in treating angina. Along with diet and exercise, another thing which needs to be kept in mind is the high level of stress which is there in today’s modernized world. Avoid as much stress and tension as possible and yoga or meditation can be helpful in this direction.

By following a healthy living condition, one can treat angina the natural way without indulging in heavy medications.

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