Treat for cocktail party

Are you tired of those staple summer fruits and salads? Here’s a new twist to the same old greens reds and yellows. Try out these sumptuous dishes for your cocktail party.

* Steamed prawns and mango salad with fresh coriander
250 gms de-shelled and headless prawns, 50 gms diced carrots, 50 gm leeks, 20 gm celery, 2 gms bay leaves, 2 gm peppercorn, 2 gm lemon juice, 5 gm Dijon mustard, 20 ml olive oil, 100 gm mango, 10 gm sugar, 1 gm sweet paprika powder, sweet chilly sauce optional, salt and pepper to taste.

Blanch prawns in water with carrots, leeks, celery, bay leaf, peppercorn and lime juice. Let it cool and then remove prawns to the side.
Now marinate them in salt, pepper, lemon juice, fresh coriander and mustard. Chop the mango into bite-sized dices and marinate it in salt, black pepper, olive oil, sweet paprika and lemon juice. Optionally you can also marinate then in sweet chilly sauce.
Now skewer two pieces of prawns and two pieces of mango alternatively on a fur inch satay stick .serve chilled.

* Cucumber cups with pineapple and pomegranate salsa.
250 gm cucumber, 100 gm pineapple, 50 gm pomegranate seeds, 2gm rock salt, 1 gm plain salt, 2gm roasted cumin, 1 gm sugar, 5 gm fresh mint leaves, 1 tbs olive oil and paprika powder to taste.

Cut the cucumber into 1 inch thick discs and scoop out the insides half way through to create a cup. Check and make sure that the cucumber is not bitter.
Now make a salsa by chopping the pineapple into fine dices, just as big as the pomegranate seeds. Add salt, pepper, olive, mint, paprika powder and sugar. Let it rest. Fill the salsa into cucumber cups and garnish with fresh coriander. Serve chilled.

* Cucumber, mint and melon skewers
100 gms diced cucumber, 100 gm diced and seeded watermelon, musk melon diced and seeded, 20 gm fresh mint leaves, 30 ml lemon juice, rock salt and sugar to taste

Chop cucumber, watermelon and musk melon into equal bite sized dices. Marinate in rock salt, lemon juice and a kittle sugar. Serve skewered.

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