Top Styles Of Bikinis For Women

Bikinis for Women

Bikinis for Women Fashion and style are the two of the main keywords that dominate the world nowadays. Along with women, men are becoming equally fashion conscious and learning new ways and trends to maintain a good look and persona. Coming back to women, researches show that style is now an important part of their lives and affect each and every action of the day. From casual wear to formal wear and from evening wear to beach wear, each of the occasion calls for perfect fashion trends.

Only the best and the latest clothes, accessories, bags, shoes and hair styles will help you make heads turn in your direction and give you the desired attention. In simple words, you need to look flawless for a fashionable aura around you. Coming back to the fashion essentials that you need in your wardrobe, one of the many items that you can’t stay without is a nice set of bikini.

Bikini wear is a must for those who love hanging around at the beach. However, since fashion is prone to change, it is very essential for you to know the latest cuts and styles available in the same. This will help you choose better and much trendy stuff for yourself.

Though, the bikini you buy will also depend on other factors like the figure and the body shape, but then knowing about the various styles can create fashion awareness and make better decisions. Here this fashion itinerary is for all those women who want to buy a new piece of bikini for themselves and want to know all about the top styles in the shop racks-

Best Bikini Styles for Women

The Classic Look

For those who do not believe in bold fashion should definitely opt for classic yet elegant style of bikini for themselves. The top style of the bikini is like the cut of any usual and traditional bra. They usually have pads in the cups as well as under wired for proper support.

Classic Look

The straps are the ones just like in the normal designs of bras going from shoulders to the back. A lot of designs are available in push up styles that actually help you in enhancing the cup size and making it more attractive. There are various popular designers and brands that offer the classic styles of bikinis because it is something that never goes out of fashion.

The deal is to just carry it with some confidence and attitude and it will work wonders for your chic look. There is a complete range of patterns, designs and even colors available in the classic style. The benefit here is that one can never go wrong with this cut and can easily carry it off. Keep some beach accessories handy to make the look all the more fascinating.

The String Style

Another style of bikini that totally deserves to be in this list is the string style top kinds. Scant is the word that can describe this cut perfectly. It shows a little more skin as compared to the classic style and is more like two triangles with strings that goes at the back and it supposed to be tied at the neck.

There is yet another string just below the cups that are again supposed to be tied at the back keeping your cups in place. The style is suitable for women who are thin and does not have very large sized breasts. The brief also has strings on the both the sides which can be tied into knots.

Again, you will find a range of options to choose from when it comes to this type of bikinis. Whether we talk about brands or just the usual local stuff, you can get an entire range of designs where the string style is concerned.

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Bandeau Trends of Bikini

For women who believe in getting all retro where their styles are concerned, the bandeau type of bikini will suit their personality in the best possible manner. One of the key features of this type is that it is strapless. It is a piece of cloth that stretches on your chest and cups in an ideal way more like a tube top in a smaller version.

Bandeau Trends

The bandeau style can have gathers or twists in the middle and is known for the benefit of making the chest look smaller than it actually is. This illusion helps women who have very large bust size and want to give them proper shape as compared to their figure.

An added advantage for this style of bikini is that it will suit any body shape with ease so you don’t have to think twice before buying it. For those who have a straight figure, twisted bandeau bikinis are suggested and not the simple straight across ones that work fine on curvy bodies.

Halter Bikinis

Halter bikinis are easy to notice where the straps are rather tied at the back of the neck and not like normal bra straps that you have in the classic style. The neckline is quite deep and plunging which is a feature that many women enjoy wearing and many feel uncomfortable about.

This will totally depend upon your individual taste and comfort. The plunge however helps in giving more attention and emphasis on the breasts. For those who have an hourglass figure, halter bikinis are considered the top option. Halter styles help in bringing the curves in notice as well as your seductive cleavage.

Tankini Bikini Style

For those who do not believe in exposing much but still crave to wear a two piece bikini suit, tankini style will suit the best for you. It helps in covering the mid section of the body properly. The tankini style has a well fitted tank top with which you can combine any bikini bottom or boy shorts to complete the two piece look.

Tankini Bikini

Also, it is very much in vogue especially in the last few years. Another benefit is the in built panels in the tank top that helps in slimming down the waist size as well as the flab of the stomach. It is a suitable option for women of all age from teens to young women and even matured women as well as for those who do not believe in skimpy bikini styles.