5 Top Creative Garden Accents to Elevate Your Garden

Creative Garden Accents to Elevate Your Garden

Creative Garden Accents to Elevate Your Garden

If you want to make gardens a natural and serene extension of your home, artistically placing decorative garden accents is a great way to achieve the goal. Garden accents will also help in transforming any outdoor space, garden or patio space inimitably your own.

Gone are the days when flowers were considered as the only decorative items in a garden. You will be amazed at the baffling variety of garden accents that are available in nurseries, specialty accent shops and other decorative item stores.

How Do Garden Accents Enhance Gardens?

Garden accents of different varieties are popular among households to enhance the ambiance their outdoor space. The most popular garden accents are arbors, trellises, water features, flags, lighting, statuary, trellises, fences, resonant wind chimes, weathervanes, water features, quirky lawn ornaments, kinetic wind spinners, antique pieces and a range of whimsical products.

The below points summarize the ways in which decorative garden accents jazz up the area. By carefully selecting and placing DIY or artistically chosen accent pieces at strategic locations of your garden you will be personalizing the space. This is the best way to introduce unique character to your garden and to reflect your personality. This will make your yard clearly distinct from your neighbor’s garden.

Garden accents and accessories are great in complimenting the particular landscape of your garden. You need to carefully choose items that will strike harmony with the rest of the items and landscape designs. Most of the garden accents are not only simply aesthetic, but functional also. These dual purpose accents will doubly enhance the visual appeal of the space by making it a relaxing area for you and your family members.

Top 5 Garden Accents

Garden accents and accessories in bright and vivid designs come in a range of shapes and sizes. You can choose the ones that suit your taste, preferences and budget. Have a glance at some of the top garden accents that top the preference list of creative households, who strive to enliven their garden setting in unique ways.

Decorative Water Feature Accents

Fountain products and other features are great in making your courtyard, patio or garden a relaxing living space. Water features are great in lending a soothing charm to the space by the trickling sound of water. Water features are not only aesthetic but functional also.

Decorative Water Feature Accents

They uniquely amalgamate beauty and function. Beautiful decorative fountain pieces have the potential to become powerful centerpieces in any garden. Fountains can be placed as a standalone feature in your garden or as part of a pond. Installing pond in your garden will add the much needed finishing touch to your outdoor space. Ready-made pond installations are available in a variety of sizes and shape, made of a range of materials.

The look and feel of ponds can be creatively enhanced by stunning waterfalls, bubblers, ornamental rocks, water plants, fountains, decorative statues etc. Bird baths and feeders are other functional cum decorative water features. These accents are great in making your garden a lively and animated area by attracting birds.

Decorative Garden Lighting Accents

Solar garden lights and a variety of ornamental glowing decorations are great additions to any garden. They will keep the space illuminated and sparkling every night. Different types of ornamental lanterns can be placed in strategic locations in your garden to accentuate the surroundings in a unique manner.

Decorative Garden Lighting Accents

These accents are great in enhancing the beauty of flowers, sculptures, and even the trails. Spot or bullet lights can be artistically fixed to enhance the loveliness of plants and flowers. A range of solar lighting LED in amusing shapes is available in the market and online specialty shops.

Lighting ornaments such as LED cherry blossom trees are a great hit among many households. Solar LED lanterns in floral and other organic patterns and forms such as roses, lilies, butterflies, dragonflies, frogs are potent enough to create a magic spell all across the outdoor atmosphere both in the day and night time.

Garden Wind Chime Accents

Garden wind chimes can be placed in important locations in the garden to create a soothing atmosphere with every breeze passing by. Wind chimes that are made of stainless steel, aluminium, pottery, ceramic, glass etc. are available in a range of shapes and designs. These fabulous outdoor additions have been used in different cultures not only as a visually enhancing feature but as spiritual elements.

Garden Wind Chime Accents

In many cultures, people believe that wind chimes have the power to keep evil at bay. There are intricately designed wind chimes that are a visual feast in themselves. For instance, seashell wind chimes, stained glass wind chimes, bottle wind chimes, crystal beaded wind chimes, bamboo wind chimes etc. will add a magical effect to the entire space with its beauty and soothing resonance.

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Statues, Sculptures And Figurines

Creatively placing statures, sculptures and figurines are easy ways to create a striking focal points in your garden. Statues of gnomes, fairies, angels, animals, birds, floras, pixies, castles, dragons, etc. can be great in lending harmony to the natural setting outside. Cute and artistically crafted statues can be placed in a grouping of flowers, or can be tucked into foliage.


Human figurines are also popular among many households when it comes to adorning their garden. Tall abstract structures are great in attaching a mysterious beauty to the outdoor area. Garden sculptures need to be selected in such a way as to complement the overall theme and decor of the garden.

The nooks and crannies of your landscape can be made animated by placing beautifully crafted sculptures. Figurative sculptures offer great opportunity to personalize the yard in unique ways. Antique iron and bronze sculptures will add rustic and country charm to your courtyard.

Decorative Garden Planters

Plants and flowers are undoubtedly the most important accents in any garden, but planters can enhance the beauty of them in distinctive ways. Decorative planters of different types can even be used as standalone accents.

Decorative Garden Planters

Planters that are made of different materials such as ceramic, wood, metal, plastic and other recycles materials are greatly popular. Go ahead and place attractive decorative garden accents in your garden that echo your style, persona and tastes.