Top 6 Smart Living Room Storage Ideas

Smart Living Room Storage Ideas

Smart Living Room Storage Ideas

Finding a place for everything in your living room in an organized manner is essential to keep the decorum and serenity of the space. Keeping the whole lot in an orderly and structured way without sacrificing your unique style quotient is a challenge.

But, accomplishing this task is not a herculean one, if you are ready to patiently choose and place the right functional living room furniture in the right places. The storage furniture market offers a range of living room storage options including draws, baskets, diverse shelving systems, ottomans, modular furniture solutions, standard boxes, tables with shelves, room separators with sills, sofas with built-in storage, stand-alone racks and a host of other options.

All these living room storage furniture pieces are available to suit different tastes and budget preferences. The article intends to bring to you some creative and smart living room storage solutions that will inspire your imagination and enable you to find the most suitable one for your space.

6 Various Living Room Storage Ideas

Multi-Functional Dual Purpose Living Room Storage Systems

Multi-functional living room storage systems are specially designed to facilitate space for both storage and display. You can keep all your treasures, books, media etc. in an organized manner along with maintaining your style. It is wise to invest in these kinds of furniture pieces that do two jobs. For instance, a storage bed will provide stylish seating for your guests together with allowing you to keep all the stuff inside the storage space beneath.

Multi-Functional Dual Purpose Living Room

These kinds of dual-purpose furniture are available in retail furniture stores and online specialty stores in a range of colors and styles. Furnishings that double as innovative organizational devices is indeed practical and useful in making your living room a comfortable and tidy space where you can relax and chill out with your family and friends.

Wall of Shelves

Bespoke egg-crate shelving systems that wrap an entire wall are a great option in proving clutter-free storage solutions to your living room. These systems are intelligently designed to provide ample space both for storage and display. These designer wall storage systems blur the precincts between architecture, interior design and furniture design.

Wall of Shelves

They give the spatial sense of being extensions of the surrounding walls. A creative blend of magazine organizers, baskets, and boxes can be hanged on the wall in an aesthetically pleasing manner to store all your periodicals, stationeries and office supplies. There are different varieties of hanging wall and flush floor units that are designed to physically bond with wall surfaces in a visually pleasing and practical manner.

If you are a reading-freak and spend lot of time in reading, it is sensible to invest in a set of shelves to house all the books at one place in an orderly way. These can be shelves with glass doors or open ones, in order to make your precious books, items for display also. Colour coding different sections in artistic manner will make the arrangement more pleasing and neat.

Artistic Living Room Storage

There could be certain things in your home which might not be in use any longer, but you don’t want to dispose it either; for instance, a cute doll house or a pretty and bright gift box. These items can be put to playful but practical use by means of some creativity. The doll house can be displayed in one of the shelves of the living room or the corner of the room if it is big enough.

Artistic Living Room Storage

It can even be secured onto the wall as a decorative item also. You can store small stuffs inside each room of the house along with making the item a focal point if the room. If there is a cute gift box that is big enough to store the magazines and newspapers, you can place it under the coffee table or any other easily accessible locations as an attractive storage unit. Artistically pleasing wicker woven baskets above the shelves is a great idea to store laundry items or other small items in a visually pleasing and de-cluttered manner.

Seek Out Unused Space

Make use of less obvious areas and transform them creatively into planned spaces for storage. In many houses, the space under stairs in the living room goes unnoticed and unused. Use your imagination and creativity to make these spaces the most ideal places for storage.

With some efforts and imagination you can convert these areas into a very practical home media center. You can build or install some storage racks to store boxes and other idle things here without any disturbance to the main seating area.

Furnish Useless Space

If the living room of your house features a vacant bay window that is not spacious enough to accommodate a sofa, think about some creative ways to make it a space for storage. It is indeed sensible to build a window seat that exactly fits into the space neatly.

Furnish Useless Space

The bottom of the window seat should be fitted with ample storage space to make the furniture dual-functional. The window bench can be equipped with a series of drawers, boxes, basket or a lift up lid. Furnish these kinds of seating arrangements with soft cushions and seating pads to make it restful furniture.

Cute Cube Ottomans to Provide Storage and Seating

Cube ottomans with storage spaces are versatile, practical and stylish and can be placed in any living room with style and elegance. Besides giving a playful feeling to the space, ottomans are great in furnishing even the tightest spaces. They are easily movable and can be used to make additional storage by combining with other seating options. There are some creative ottoman designs that feature integrated coffee trays as well.

These clever cubes are available in vivid hues, playful designs and patterns to suit diverse decors and styles. If the center of your living room is vacant, you can place four or more ottomans together and make a small accent table. As and when the need arises for more seating, you can pull out one from the group and enhance the seating. You can stuff all the art and craft materials or other office stuff into the underneath storage of these ottomans neatly.

Cute Cube Ottomans to Provide Storage

There are lots of other practical and creative ideas to meet all your storage needs in the living room neatly. Hanging a cute and unused chair on the wall will serve the purpose of keeping for a stack of magazines or books. Back-to-back shelving and dividing the room with a set of mobile shelves are other creative living room storage ideas.

The first step in organizing a living room is to de-clutter the space by disposing of anything that you no longer require. A host of clever living room storage ideas are available to make the space neat, organized and tidy.


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