Top 5 Creative Interior Design Ideas

Creative Interior Design Ideas

Creative Interior Design Ideas

It is an art to blend various interior design elements to create a living space that is both functional and visually pleasing for the eyes. The shaping of space, walls and surfaces of your house often reflects your personality and creative bend of mind.

The art of interior designing demands a resourceful and imaginative mind that is willing to think out of the box. An invitingly designed interior of a house will offer comfort and pleasant atmosphere for those who dwell there. The creation of magnificent living spaces requires more than the basic knowledge of matching up colors and tones.

In order to craft a magnificent interior, one should be willing to get inspired by the places and different artistically-inspired settings that he/she has been, and styles he/she has noticed in various interior design magazines and television shows. In this article, we will be going through some of the unique and creative interior design styles, which is sure to inspire and lift up your imagination to higher levels.

5 Some Creative Interior Design Ideas

Most of the interior design ideas that are discussed below are unusual and surprising and open up the vast plains for imagination to soar high.

Canoe as Ceiling Decor

If you are looking to create dramatic ceiling for a fairly simple space, canoe ceiling is a great option. Artistically fixing a wooden canoe structure on the ceiling will gel with a interior that is designed to reflect classic style of decor. The element will spectacularly create interest in the space, while coordinating well with the other classic interior elements that adorn the room.

Canoe as Ceiling Decor

Mixed grades of cedar can be used to construct the canoes structure. If you have an antique canoe that is lying idly in the garage, transform it into a magnificent form by using interesting shades and place it on the ceiling. This amusing ceiling decor will aggressively offer special character to the room if the ceiling is designed after cathedral ceiling style.

Interesting Striped Wood Floors

Adding visual interest to the flooring and other surfaces is a great idea to craft splendid interiors. Stripes, which is a classic interior design pattern is a wonderful choice for homes. Placing stripped rugs on the floor is a practical way to adorn your space, since they coordinate really well with most of the surrounding patterns and designs.

Interesting Striped Wood Floors

 Wide bands of black stripes, vibrant shades of stripes or subtle tone-on-tone stripes can be used according to the taste and preferences. For an open-plan kitchen and dining space placing a dramatically striped rug is a great idea to define the two areas. Carpet tiles with bright, bold stripe patterns are in great demand by many modern households.

By creatively blending blue and white shades of stripes on floor, sofa covers, curtains and plain blue on walls, you can structure a spectacularly designed interior. If your house has stained wood floor, you can paint thick and narrow stripes on the floor as part of renovation.

Custom Painted Floors

Custom-painted wood floors have magical power in transforming any dull setting into a vibrant and animated one. Hand-painted lily pattern on the floor can create a pleasant spring season feeling to the entire ambiance. Fresh and fun look can be created through custom-painted floors in amazing ways. By using custom stencils and pencils, one can do these designs on floor without any professional help.

Custom Painted Floors

 You can even use screen printed art paper on floor in order o cover some flaws. Chequered floor with special squares will look fabulous even on bathroom floors. Custom painted maple flooring can be a great visual-appealing element for dining and kitchen areas.

Floors that feature soft contrast diamond pattern paintings will give a subtle feel to living rooms and bedrooms. Flowers, swirls and a whole range of floral and leafy patterns and other abstract designs can be incorporated on the floors.

A Mix of Contemporary and Rustic Elements

Rustic contemporary interior design has a special charm in capturing the aesthetic feelings of beholders. Farmhouse-styled houses and older homes in rustic areas can be reinvigorated with a unique blend of modern and contemporary features in a rustic.

Contemporary and Rustic Elements

Rustic feeling and wooden and plank floors are great in creating the much required rustic atmosphere. Rustic wood ceilings, cabinets, walls and flooring can be coordinated well into a modern atmosphere by using a splash of bold shades such as red here and there. Flint stone walls will also go well with rustic wooden floors.

Rustic contemporary interior designs can be executed well by combining textured and patterned ornamental walls into a clean and neutral shaded home. Textured throw rugs in bold, neutral hues; bulky windows framed in gaudy and heavy drapes; open floor plans, strategically placed wood stoves, etc. are great in creating a contemporary rustic interior design.

Glamorous Blue Interiors

Blue is a vanilla and everlastingly-soothing hue that is lavishly used in many interior decoration projects. It is popularly said that ‘there can never be too much blue’. Layers of pale blue shades can be artistically amalgamated to create wonderful living spaces.

Blue walls are great in creating misty and serene look in a marvelous ways. This calming color scheme is capable of lending positive impact on you, your emotions, even your health. A wonderful nautical feel can be created with light blue accents in a white cottage room. When pallid sky blue hue is coordinated with pink and green accents, a vibe of spring can easily be produced. An elegant combo of blue and white is great in creating abundant inflow of bright light.

Glamorous Blue Interiors

A capturing interior design project can be created by using minimal shades in a moderately steady and limited range. Decorative elements and accents that slightly diverge from the basic color scheme have to be selected to make the room the focal point.

An artistic blend of various patterns such as animal prints floral designs, geometric prints, and applique are great in enhancing a soft and neutral interior design plan. A soft and feminine feel can be created in the house by using a soothing mix of colors.

A creative jumble of antiques and modern fixtures and rounded and tailored shapes can lend dramatic effect on any interiors. Playfulness and spontaneity can be expressed in a variety of ways if you are ready to use your imaginative skills confidently to reflect your personality through the interiors.