Tips to Prevent Feeling Sleepy at Work


sleeping-at-work Do you often feel lazy, fatigued and sleepy at work? There are times when one occasionally feels sleepy at work and that can be due to many reasons like lack of proper sleep at night or a boring and a disinteresting piece of work. However, if you often feel sleepy at work, then given below are some tips that can help you out.

Corporate jobs with long working hours and monotonous work can often make a person feel sleepy at work. Stress too is a major factor that over a period of time makes one’s mind and body weak and fatigued. Thus, you need to practice some effective stress management techniques to keep stress at bay.

Instead of staying glued to your seat, you must take frequent short breaks. Move around a bit and doing little neck exercises at work will help in not only keeping you active but also healthy and fit. Also, try deep breathing exercises as they are helpful in keeping you fresh and active.

You need to get a sound and proper sleep at night if you want to feel fresh at work. There can be numerous reasons for a person not getting a proper sleep at night. Some of the reasons include work, stress, and sleep disorders amongst others.

You might feel like dozing off after having a heavy meal. You can also feel sleepy if you skip your meals. Thus, it is important that you follow a balanced diet and eat at regular intervals. Avoid having fatty, oily, and heavy meal at work. Have a well balanced diet as your body needs vitamins and minerals to stay healthy and active.

If you think that having frequent cups of coffee and tea can keep you awake, then you are probably wrong. Instead of coffee, tea, or aerated drinks, have plenty of water and keep your body hydrated.

Follow the above given tips to prevent feeling sleepy at work.

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  • Actually, any movement will help to keep you awake. Although, neck exercises will help to improve your posture and prevent slouching at the desk. Getting some fresh air will also help to wake you up a bit when tired at work.

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