Tips to Prevent and Treat Dizziness


Many of you, especially the older ones, might have found the world suddenly spinning around you. Dizziness or balance disorder is a common problem in older aged people and can range from mild unsteadiness to severe vertigo. However, this problem can occur in people of other age groups too and can be caused by inner ear problems like injury, viral infections, inflammation and also due to debris in the inner ear.

Other factors which can lead to dizziness are poor circulation and side effects of certain medications. It is important to prevent and treat this problem as it not only makes you vulnerable to injuries due to fall, but also instills a fear of falling which in turn hampers normal living.

Here are a few tips which can come handy when you are feeling dizzy. First of all, keep your head still as it stabilizes your blood pressure and also helps the inner ear to regain its normal equilibrium. After you feel stable, you should sit down in a comfortable position to regain back your normal balance and control. Whenever you feel an attack of dizziness approaching, reach out and touch any object around you, be it chair, table or any solid thing. A way to prevent dizziness is by avoiding sudden leaping out of bed in the mornings. Get out in stages.

First swing your legs over the bed’s side and then slowly rise to a sitting position. Getting up in a sudden jerk often makes a person giddy. For old people, extra safety needs to taken while moving in wet, slippery areas like bathroom. Keeping a night light on is not a bad idea. It has also been found that drinking adequate water can help prevent dizziness.

This is because water intake keeps the body hydrated thereby preventing dizziness due to lowering of blood pressure which occurs due to dehydration. Also, keep yourself physically active and also do yogic exercises and meditation to reduce stress which is also one of the root causes of dizziness. By following these simple tips, you can prevent as well as treat the problem of dizziness.

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