Tips to Overcome Sea Sickness


seaskiness While there are some people who enjoy boating and cruising, there are also people who get sick at the mere sight of water. Seasickness is a part of motion sickness where-in a person displays symptoms of nausea, vomiting, headache, and an uneasy feeling when one is on a cruise or travelling in water.

However, sea sickness is a problem which can be overcome. This article will provide some simple and helpful tips for people suffering from sea sickness.

Here are some tips that can help you sail smoothly without a queasy feeling. When you have to go on a trip, you should avoid intake of heavy meal before the trip. This will help in keeping your stomach calm and will prevent nausea.

However, this does not imply that you skip a meal and go empty stomach on board. Not eating anything will worsen your condition and thus, you must ensure that you have light meal before boarding a ship.

Along with heavy food, you should also avoid strong odors as a strong smell can also trigger the symptoms of sea sickness. In addition, you must also avoid alcohol before or during the trip.

When you board the ship, you must suck a candy, especially when the ship starts moving. This helps in balancing the inner ear fluid and thus helps in preventing feeling of nausea or light headedness.

You should try to remain calm and composed. Take deep breaths and stop thinking about the moving ship or the surrounding water. Keep your mind occupied as that will help in preventing sea sickness.

Along with the above given tips, there are various kinds of medications available for preventing and treating sea sickness. You can take help of them after consulting a doctor and follow the above given tips to overcome the problem of sea sickness.

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