Tips To Look Flattering In A Plus Size Bathing Suit

plus size bathing suit

plus size bathing suit With summer approaching soon it’s going to be time for lazy holidays at the beach or crazy pool side parties. While the slim and trim are planning to have a blast and flaunt themselves off in their sexy bathing suits, being plus size might be getting you a bit apprehensive.

Don’t worry though. It’s all about making the right choice of swimwear. The best part of being plus size is the fact that you have the girly curves. So don’t shy away from flaunting them. What need to be taken care of though, are the problem areas. With a little attention to your body type you can make the perfect choice of swim suits to not just look amazing but also feel confident in them.

Best Way To Choose  Plus Size Bathing Suit

Swim Suits For The Pear Shaped Body

The pear shaped body is bottom heavy with fuller hips and thighs, a slimmer waist and smaller bust. So for a body that’s pear shaped, attention needs to be drawn to the upper body and at the same time drawn away from the lower. If you have a pear shaped body, choose from among swim dresses or swim suits with a skirted bottom.

scoop necked swimsuits

Halter and scoop necked swimsuits with padded busts will accentuate the upper part of your body. Avoid strapless or bandeu tops as they will do exactly the opposite. For colored separates, choose darker shades for the bottom and lighter shades for the top. This will give an effect of minimizing the lower part of your body while maximizing the upper.

Swim Suits For The Apple Shaped Body

An apple shaped body is broader at the shoulders and narrower at the waist. People with an apple shaped body tend to have slimmer legs and thighs making the chest and abdomen look larger in comparison to the lower section of the body. For this kind of a body type, it is necessary to choose from swimwear that will create an effect of streamlining the silhouette.

Swim Suits For The Apple Shaped Body

If you are apple shaped, choose from swimwear that offers tummy control a built in bra. A swim dress with an empire-waist is also a great option for you. A strapless suit or one with a plunging neckline will draw attention away from your waistline. Avoid wearing swim suits that have designs across the centre or are vertically striped. Swim separates with lighter shades for the bottom and darker for the top will create a look of balancing your figure.

Swim Suits For The Hour-Glass Shaped Body

A body that’s hour glass shaped is proportionately balanced overall. The hips and bust are almost equally sized and the waist is narrow. If you have a body that’s hour glass shaped, try dressing up in a wide strapped halter suit with ruching.

Swim Suits For The Hour-Glass Shaped Body

This will offer a flattering look to your body and will accentuate the curves. Avoid wearing swim dresses since they will cover your slim waist and make you look bigger.

Choose The Right Colors

While black seems to be the favorite choice for everyone plus size, it is not necessarily the best color to hide your bulges. Be wise and choose from other colors too. Color block swimsuits in a combination of light and dark shades can do wonders at flaunting the right curves and at the same time hiding those bulges. Ensure light colors on the parts you want to accentuate and dark on the ones you want to drive away attention from.


Some accessories and a hat will add to your look for that perfect day in a swimsuit.


So choose from a range of colorful sarongs, cover-ups or matching shorts or skirts and don’t forget your shades!

Leena B K