Tips To Ensure A Long Lasting Relationship

Long Lasting Relationship

Long Lasting Relationship Love, like they say can take you to great heights of elation and euphoria and that same love can also bring you down to the depths of despair. Apart from genuine love, respect, honestly and trust, there is another crucial factor that determines the course of a relationship. Wondering what that is? Of course, it’s good communication between people.

Relationships can be really complicated at times. They can give us great happiness as well as great pain. The trick is in mastering the art of perfect communication. Communication is very important in a relationship and only when there is effective communication between a couple will the relationship survive.  Read on to pick up a few tips for improving the relationship between you and your partner.

Talk it Out

Problems arise because we assume too much and in the end it turns out that most of it is nothing but a product of our imagination. Whatever conflict or problem borders on your mind and thoughts, the simple solution is to sit together and talk it out. Talking does not mean arguing and fighting.

Have a healthy discussion where both sides are allowed to present their case. Do not assume that your partner knows what is going on in your head. He/she is not a mind reader. Instead be practical and speak your thought and present your side of the story.

Control your Anger

The rule is that when one person is angry the other should remain calm. The problem arises when both the sides get angry and argue at the same time. Then the problem will never be sorted out. When one person is angry, the other should try to maintain his/her cool. Once the anger subsides, both of you can sit together and talk it out and decide what needs to be done.

Mutual Understanding/ Compromise

It’s not right if one person has to go on compromising to keep the relationship going. There should be mutual understanding and also mutual compromise. If a person has to give in to the others demands and views, then it’s only fair that the next time any argument comes up, the other has to be given a fair chance. Maintain mutual understanding, then things will most certainly go smooth.

Invest Interesting Games

Every couple has their own rules and privacy. So invest new games to keep your relationship brimming with love and trust. For instance, you can try this simple rule to prevent your relationship from falling apart. If there is an issue one person is bothered about, then there can be a game rule saying that both sides have only a week’s time to bring up a topic to be discussed.

And the discussion should be carried out on a healthy level with no angry arguments. The discussion can be carried on till say a fixed time and beyond which both parties have to negotiate and the matter is forgotten. This way you can ensure that the past is never brought up because quarrels get nasty when the mistakes of the past are brought out and discussed and argued all over again.

Establish your Own Rules

Never mind what other couples, your friends and family do. Establish your own rules. It’s your territory so obviously you have the rights to make your own rules. Put down a list of rules and this can be followed to resolve disputes among the couple.

Do something New and Different

The spark dies once the relationship becomes mundane and boring. So every now and then, take time off and plan a surprise for your partner or both of you can plan together to do something different. This is a very rejuvenating idea and helps in effective bonding and understanding, thereby reviving the spark in your life and making you more sensitive towards one another.

Find Time for Each Other

It is a busy life and especially when we are juggling between chores and trying hard to meet deadlines. Always find time for your partner. A simple text message or calls always makes one feel loved and special. You can take some time off your schedule and plan a meal together, or perhaps a movie, a walk or a trip to the beach.

Do not Expect Unreasonably

It’s just human and very normal to expect. But, the expectations should also be very practical. When expectations are not met, then it causes pain and the relationship weakens. So instead, be frank and open about what you want and tell your partner clearly about what you expect. There should be mutual understanding. In spite of everything if your partner still fails to meet your expectations, then give them another chance. Always remember that we are all humans and we have our limitations.

Do not Prolong/Extend Fights

Fights and arguments are very common in a relationship. It’s sometimes healthy to fight too. But always remember that it should not happen too often and should not be prolonged. If you are angry then sulk, brood over it for a while, but after that get over it, talk, sort it out and get back once again. After all love does demand a certain level of sacrifice and understanding.

Unconditional Love and Trust

This is very essential for any long-lasting relationship. Do not keep unnecessarily and on unfair ground doubts each other. It only weakens the relationship. Instead trust each other completely and if there is any issue bothering you then talk it out frankly.

Love, needless to say is the base of any good relationship. Remember that we are all humans and bound to make mistakes but we can seek love only from those we are close to. So at all times provide your partner with unconditional love, support and trust.

These are some tips you can follow to ensure that your relationship is foreseer brimming with love, care and respect for each other. It’s not necessary to stick to the stereotypes. Take the old rules and modify it and innovate it with your own ideas and you can be sure to ensure a healthy relationship.

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