Tips To Do Casama Braids

Casama Braids

Casama Braids

Braids are a popular hairstyle and are a favorite among both children and adults especially during summer. Braided hair proposes an easy and stylish way to keep hair off from your face. Longer the hair, more are the possibilities to show off your creative hairstyle talent. Braids are an all-time favorite among people in all cultures and nations.

A variety of braided hairstyles are in vogue and ‘casama hairstyle’ is a very popular African hairstyle that is flaunted by many celebrities. Creating a casama hairstyle may take hours depending on the thickness and length of hair and also on the amount of hair being braided. Though it is easy to do, you may require the help of an expert to get the perfect finishing look. This hairstyle is often kept for longer periods, may be up to six months.

What are Casama Braids

Casama braids are a special type of long-lasting hairstyle. Three-strand braiding strategy is used to create these braids. These braids will cover the entire portion of your head, and is created by tightly braiding sections of hair. Casama braids are larger than standard box braids.

Casama Braids

Since hair strands are braided too tightly, each braided box will be sturdy and will curve into different shapes. Redoing is not required since hair will not become messy for a long period. But, of course, maintenance is necessary. This hairstyle is often embraced by swimmers due to the great amount of convenience it offers.

Tips To Do Casama Braids

Casama hairstyle is created by individually parting and braiding hair and is distinct for its thick dimension. This easy to do and long-lasting hairstyle requires simple tools such as clips, comb, elastics and burner.

Casama Hairstyle

1. Start partitioning hair from the back of the hair. Take 1-inch portions of hair and lock the rest of the hair with clips. You can take square, rectangular or triangular partings according to your choice of appearance of the finished product. Use the tip of your comb to part hair.

2. Segregate the small portion of hair that you have partitioned into three equal hair parts and start braiding it. The braid should be very tightly done and secure the ends with a small elastic hair band.

3. Carry on with the process of hair partitioning. It is better to part hair in horizontal series at the first two rows from the back of the head. After that you can follow any random pattern. All the braids should be tight enough so that each braided portions will curve naturally.

4. After braiding all the partitioned hair entire head will be covered with these braids. Now burn the ends of each braided portion with a burner to secure it properly.

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Maintenance Of Casama Braids

Itching and irritation is common in braided hair. In order to avoid this you need to have a healthier scalp. Before putting on casama hairstyle, it is better to wash hair after properly oiling it. This will help in keeping several numbers of braids in proper shape and condition.

Appropriate maintenance process includes conditioning, washing and re-braiding when required. Braids can be offered the necessary sheen by spraying oil sheen or moisturizer. You can wash the braided hair with protein rich shampoo to remove excess oil and dandruff. After drying wetness, if some strands are coming out redo those particular braids rather than redoing entire head. Braids lining the forehead often required redoing. Covering a silk or satin scarf while sleeping will avoid the hair to become messier.