Tips on Pregnancy Workout

Not only does exercising during pregnancy help you in remaining in perfect figure, it also helps in enhancing your overall health and stamina. However, there are many doubts in a woman’s mind regarding exercise during pregnancy. Exercising during pregnancy is healthy but you need to follow the perfect type of workout so as to keep yourself and your child safe. Given below are some important tips for a perfect pregnancy workout.

The most important and essential tip is to consult your doctor before undertaking any kind of exercise. The most simplest and effective is walking. It is the safest form of exercise during pregnancy which helps in providing good fitness level along with relaxing your mind and body. Daily workout is the key towards health. But always remember to take frequent breaks and to never over-exert yourself in an attempt to achieve more. Moreover, you need to wear proper clothes which are loose and comfortable. Also buy proper shoes which give support to your body. Before any exercise, warm up is an essential. This helps in increasing blood circulation. Similarly, when pregnant, you should avoid staying in one position of exercise for long. Keep moving as that would allow blood to flow to the uterus. After first trimester, you should not perform exercises which require you to lie flat on your back as that would diminish the blood flowing to your uterus. Also avoid exercises like knee bends, lunges or full squats as they increase the chance of pelvic damage. Also, don’t exercise in a pace that exhausts you. Immediately stop exercising if you feel weak, or dizzy. Another important advice is to drink plenty of water. When pregnant, you should always indulge in light to moderate kind of exercises to keep yourself as well as your child safe and healthy.


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    How much minimum water should i consume in day ??