Tips On How To Lose Belly Fat For Women

Lose Belly Fat For Women

Lose Belly Fat For Women

Having flat abs is the dream of all women, both young and old alike. A flat belly not only enhances the appearance of the women, but also keeps them active and energetic. Sometimes even lean women develop big belly to their embarrassment.

Factors Leading To A Protruded Belly

Hereditary, psychological stress, menopause period and ageing factors play a major role in the accumulation of belly fat. Cortisol and Insulin are the two hormones that play a major role in fat formation.

Stress stimulates the secretion of more of Cortisol leading to a huge amount of fat storage in the body and eating of junk food, greasy food, fried stuffs, and consumption of sweets shoot up the secretion of insulin level that ultimately leads to accumulation of fat.

How To Lose Belly Fat?

It is not beyond our control to lose the tummy weight. With a lot of determination, regular exercise, proper dieting and good habits, anyone can achieve a flat belly. The first and foremost practice one should inculcate is to have a good sleep of about 7-8 hours per day so that our body can have the energy to do our mundane work.


Burning of calories can be done effectively with the help of physical exercises and yoga. It is better to do 30 minutes of aerobic exercises like jogging, walking, sit-ups, squats, and stomach holding exercises, all of which help in burning the extra calories stored in our body and increases the body metabolism.

Skipping of breakfast is not advisable as the body requires energy after sleep and this required energy is complemented well by a healthy breakfast. It is advisable to consume green tea which is the natural source of caffeine, than any other caffeinated drink.

Green Tea

Green tea has a tremendous effect over weight loss as it not only increases the metabolic function of our body but also helps in the burning of calories, resulting in remarkable weight loss. It also helps in the regulation of glucose level that plays major role in enhancing the body fitness.

Fruits and Vegetables

It is better to avoid food rich in simple carbohydrates and go for grains, nuts, cereals, brown rice, and fiber-rich diets like fresh fruits and vegetables. Fresh fruits not only add to the fiber intake but also helps to avoid the consumption of sugary food, thereby keeping the insulin level to the minimum. Drinking of water at regular intervals will also help flush off toxins and extra fat from our belly.

Drinking of water

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Salts absorb more water and make our body bloat with excess water storage. So be cautious in your intake of salt consumption, try consuming salt free or low salt food. Cinnamon, rose hip seeds, eggs, canola oil and nuts have excellent effect over weight loss. The fatty acids in nuts like peanuts and almonds help burn calories and keep the stomach full for longer.


Canola oil helps in the burning of calories and also reduces appetite, preventing the craving for taking snacks. Rose hip seeds are rich in antioxidants like vitamin C and flavonoids that help in the reduction of oxidative stress and prohibit the accumulation of belly fat. Regular intake of eggs also helps in the burning of calories as eggs are rich in biotin that regulates fat formation. Intake of alcohol should be strictly avoided.

Canola Oil

Cardio exercise, abdomen exercises, pelvic lifts, and crunches practiced in gym or at home can have marvelous impact in losing belly fat. A regular eating pattern of having meals in the specific time and deciding on what to eat and when to eat also helps in avoiding accumulation of fat in belly.

Cardio Exercise