Tips on Exam Preparation

With the approaching of exams, all that students are thinking of is of scoring well and passing out with flying colors. While exams are essential to hone the skills and intellect of a child so as to build a strong foundation, it also leads to a lot of stress in a child’s life.

In today’s competitive world, exams are seen as battlefields where children are fighting for top positions. While a healthy competitive spirit is a must, children need to ensure that they do not end up stressing themselves as that will lead to a piling up of ailments and health disorders.

A well prepared child is one who is confident, well-read, and most importantly de-stressed. To become a well-prepared child, you need proper planning and management of studies. It should neither be continuous studying nor continuous enjoying with studying only at the last moment. A well prepared child is one who balances between studies, entertainment and relaxation.

An important tip on exam preparation is setting up of schedules and sticking to it. Make a study planner which gives you adequate time to prepare for a paper along with buffer time and time taken out for relaxation.

Avoid cramming for a test as that would only add to the stress level. Focus on main points first and then get into the details. Begin with the basics and make your fundamentals strong rather than jumping to intricate details without being clear of the basics. A structured and a well planned approach towards studies is the key to success.

Along with preparing yourself well for the exam, also pay due attention to your diet and sleep. Have a well balanced diet and get adequate sleep. Never burn the midnight oil just before your exam day as you would end up stressing yourself. A good sleep prior to exams is a must. When stressed, exercise, go out for a walk, do yoga, listen to music and just relax your mind and body.

Follow these simple tips for a sure shot success in exams. After all, exam preparation is not only about memorizing lessons; it’s also about a correct positive attitude and a tension free mind.

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