Tips For Working Mothers

Handling office and home is not an easy task and if you want proof, you can look at the rising stress levels in working mothers. Being a working mother does not imply the simple concept of looking after your professional life and your being a mother. But, instead it means that when at home, you need to indulge in multi-tasking where-in along with catering to the demands of your kids, you also need to look after the household chores, demands of your husband and even of your in-laws. Doesn’t it imply that you need to be a super-woman!! Don’t worry as there are some tips given below which would help you handle your personal and professional life in an effective way without soaring stress levels.

First of all, you need to relax and assure yourself that both office and home are equally important for your personal and professional development. Thus, you need to indulge in proper time-slicing without taking too much of stress as that would only lead to a hindrance in your health and happiness. The key is flexibility which would lead to a harmonious balance. If required, you should be willing to devote extra time to both your home and office. For instance- you might need to attend your kid’s parent’s teacher meeting- you need to then devote extra time towards your kids. Similarly, if required, you would also need to devote extra attention to office in case of some important completion of task. Being flexible would help in your overall development without adding on to stress levels. Balancing home with office requires you to take decisions based n priorities as you cannot afford to neglect any domain. Kids are kids and they expect certain love, attention and quality time with their mother. You need to respect that demand and keep weekends particularly for them so that your children’s development does not suffer because of your professional requirements. Similarly, when required, you should be able to devote extra time to office. This requires support from your life-partner and it is very important for you as a wife, to explain and demand proper support from your husband.

Handling office and home simultaneously does not imply neglecting your personal self and health. The key to your becoming a super-mom is by a proper balance in which you too are given priority. Yoga, meditation, exercises, spas and other activities can help in rejuvenating your mind and body which is necessary for you to sustain the dual role effectively.

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