4 Effective Tips For Improving Communication Skills In Children

4 Effective Tips For Improving Communication Skills In Children

4 Effective Tips For Improving Communication Skills In Children Children are very good learners and they are like the lumps of clay which can be moulded into any shape. If the correct ways are adopted then they can be taught the different values of life at a very early stage.

The children start their learning from their home with the help of their caregivers and their parents. The children also start their first communication at their home with the people who are around them. As responsible parents and caregivers we must know what are the different ways to improve communication skills in children.

Good communication skills are very essential for a child as it affects his/her personality. To communicate with others in the business or society or any other relationships, good communication skills are very important. It has become very difficult to teach anything to the children of the current age as most of the children have poor concentration, lack of interest and apathy towards learning new things.

The main reason for this is the exposure to the television and availability of different types of video games and other playing gadgets. Though playing moderate amount of video games is good as it helps in the development of the motor skills and logical thinking in the children but too much of it is likely to distract them from normal day to day activities.

Parent should be a good communicator

If we want to teach good communication skills to the children we must remember that children always try to imitate those who are closer to them. We must be good communicator in order to teach good communication skills to our children.

The first thing we must teach our children is to learn how to be a good listener. Only a good listener can be a good communicator. We should also follow the same rule. When our children are trying to communicate with us or any other person we must not interrupt them in between. Listen to them carefully.

If interrupted, they lose their self-esteem and you will never set yourself as an example of a good listener in front of them. Encourage them to listen to each other at school also. This is the time when full cooperation of a teacher is needed to improve the communicative and learning skills of children. When the child learns to watch and listen to others then child learns to speak well.

Teach the children through situations or case studies

Children can be given some situation and they can act on them. The role playing and demonstration are very common ways to teach children at school. This helps in breaking up the shyness of those children who are not comfortable with everyone.

The home is the best and first place to start any kind of teaching. Teach your child to greet everyone in the morning. Teach them to say ‘thank you’, ‘sorry’, ’excuse me’ when needed. You don’t have to teach them explicitly if you do all these when and where needed.

Incorporate routine for every activity of your child. Once they learn to follow the routine, teaching them the learning strategy will not be difficult. Children should have fixed time for getting up, having breakfast, taking bath, studying, watching television and even playing games.

This way they will learn the importance of discipline in their life which will be valuable for the rest of their life. Do not overestimate your child. Teach certain important skills to your child who is about to go to the school. They should know how to communicate with the teachers and other students in the school.

Teach them oral communication by teaching them their full name, parent’s name, address and phone number. Teach them what to do and say when they need to go to toilet or when they feel thirsty. Teach them to greet their teachers. Do not expect them to be experts in their studies rather teach them the basics of language and mathematics so that they do not have problems at the school.

Interactive sessions are very effective

Children learn better with the models, activities, and games. You may use all these learning styles together to teach your children in a better way. Rhymes CDs help them to learn the rhymes in a better way.They even learn the actions through the visual CD and this is how the VCD helps the child out in communicating in a better way.

Asking questions to the children while they are studying as it is a better way of teaching them the learning and communicative skills. Many educational kits or activities come with interactive sessions which the children enjoy and become fast learners.

The children expect full encouragement from their parents. For developing better learning and communicative skills good reading and understanding is needed. You can read to your children a story or any other article and ask them to explain you what they understood. Be careful while choosing the children’s book. Buy books with lots of pictures as pictures help a child to learn fast.

Spend enough time with your child

Often we find children becoming restless. How can a restless child adopt good learning and communicative skills? The parents have to be very much vigil about this. Being restless hampers their learning at school also. Parents can talk to the teachers to find some ways to handle such situation.

Even at times counselling sessions are advised for such restless children so that they can have good concentration and communicate well. You can try out certain practices at home. Tell them to maintain eye-contact to the people they are communicating to.

They must sit or stand at a particular place, listen to what they are being told and then answer properly and then only they should leave the place. Check out whether you as a parent are following the same methods or not. Children follow their parents.

Try to become role model for them. Parents are the best teachers for their children. When parents spend enough time with their children it helps the children to develop knowledge, learning skills, listening abilities and better ways of communication.

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