Tips for Healthy Eyes


Are you afraid of hiding your beautiful eyes behind big glasses? If yes, then you must take steps to keep your eyes healthy. You might argue that in today’s world when contact lenses and laser therapies are available, one can always avoid those spectacles. While that is true, keeping the invaluable gift of eyes healthy and in good condition is imperative for a healthy, happy and a colorful life. After all, can you imagine your life without your eyes?

Your eyes need regular care and attention to stay in a healthy condition. Follow proper reading positions so that you don’t strain your eyes. It is always advisable to have proper light while reading and a proper distance and position while watching TV so that you don’t end up with tired and strained eyes. These days many people, including children, are seen with spectacles due to long sitting hours in front of the computer. Take regular breaks and don’t sit continuously near the computer so as to prevent damage to eyes.

Just like your body, your eyes need proper rest and a sound and proper sleep is the answer for it. Also, protect your eyes from the harmful UV radiations by wearing sunglasses during peak hours of sun. A periodic eye checkup is a must to ensure your eyes are in healthy condition. Also, if you are using contact lenses, ensure to buy a proper quality one as nothing is more expensive and invaluable than your eyes.

Last but not the least, you need a healthy and a nutritious diet to keep your eyes in healthy condition. Carrots, spinach, green vegetables, and fruits like mangoes and papayas are good for your eyes. Nutrients like vitamins A, C and E are important for the healthy functioning of eyes. Additionally, you should also take out time for some eye exercises to strengthen your eye muscles.

Follow the above given tips and let your eyes remain healthy forever.

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