Tips for Cooking Mushroom


Many people are fond of mushrooms and the latter’s culinary virtues has made it one of the most popular dishes in parties and occasions. Along with being tasty, mushrooms are also known for some health benefits as they are a good source of potassium, riboflavin and other important nutrients thereby helping in enhancing immunity and aiding in overall health. Given below are some tips and ways by which mushrooms should be selected and cooked.

Mushrooms need to be carefully selected so as to avoid a poisonous species. They are of varying colors, shapes and sizes. It is better to buy mushrooms from a proper store unless you are very sure of the mushroom you are picking.

Even when you are buying mushrooms, you should make sure that the mushroom is fresh with no dark spots or holes. It is advisable that mushrooms should always be cooked before consumption. This is because mushrooms, even commonly cultivated ones, may contain some toxins which can lead to upset stomach if eaten raw. Here are some healthy cooking tips for mushroom. You don’t need to peel mushrooms; they only need a trimming of the stem portion. You can cut mushrooms into slices and they can be cooked via sautéing, microwaving, roasting, grilling or broiling. Cooking mushroom in a microwave is a simple affair.

Take eight ounces thickly sliced mushrooms in a microwave container, cover it and cook it on 100% power for 2 to 3 minutes. Similarly, you can sauté them in a pan in which you first add a tablespoon of butter or oil. Then add mushrooms and stir until golden. Along with delicious mushroom dishes, mushrooms are also used as food toppings. However, always remember to cook it before consumption. Follow these simple coking tips of mushroom to enjoy taste with health.

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