Tips for Baby Massage


If you have inherited your grandmother’s wisdom, then you’ll be aware of the numerous benefits of massaging a child. While in some communities, giving massage to a baby is customary, this activity has more to it rather than being just a custom. Massaging your baby helps in promoting healthy growth and weight gain in newborn babies along with helping in increasing circulation, improving digestion and also easing the symptoms of colic. However, as we all know that baby’s body and skin is extremely sensitive and delicate, we should follow some precautions while giving one’s baby a massage. Given below are some baby massage tips which will help you give your baby a much needed massage in a healthy and safe way.

You can give your child a massage after bathing him in lukewarm water without the use of harmful chemicals in soaps as they can harm the baby’s sensitive skin. However, bathing a baby before massaging him is not an essential requirement. Before beginning to massage a baby, you should keep some points in mind. First of all, remember that babies are extremely sensitive and thus it is important for you to ensure high hygienic conditions by washing your hands prior to massaging your baby. Similarly, remove all bangles and jewelry which can hurt a child during the massage process. You should place your baby on a soft mat in a comfortable position before massaging him. Also, apply some oil or moisturizer on your hands so that you do not harm the baby’s sensitive skin.

Massage given to the baby usually begins from under the ribs and goes up to the hip joint. Be firm yet gentle in your approach. Use your fingertips in gentle small circular strokes while massaging the baby. Follow these simple tips to give your baby a safe massage for numerous health benefits.

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