Thinking to start a family? Read this out!

Are you thinking to start your family? But do you know that once you become parent, you are a parent for life? Children are a major commitment, financially, emotionally and in terms of your freedom too at the same time. On the other hands they can become the central focus of your life plan when they are young and also during their adult years. So don’t take these decisions lightly, think well and then construct your decision. Just make sure you ask the following questions from yourself before taking such a big responsibility for a lifetime.

Are you ready for career break?
Having a baby will certainly have long lasting effects on your career life .having a baby means taking maternity leaves. Though you can opt to work part-time from your places, and share your childcare responsibilities with your betterhalf. But make sure that how does this fit in with your career plan.

Can you afford it?
Raising a child is certainly an expensive affair. Look long and hard at your finances and workout how you will manage .it might be better to wait and try to save, or you might decide to go ahead and manage somehow. But mind it; there are no right answers so just work accordingly.

Are your parents pressing you to start your family?
Sometimes your parents desire to become grandparents is greater than your desire to be a parent. So don’t let their ambitions prejudice your own decisions. Ask them how they can help if you decide to have children. Make sure you do not take into the decision of conceiving a child under the pressure of your elders, unless you are mentally, physically and financially strong about the same. After all, it’s your life and your decisions and not theirs.

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