Thinking To Have Sex During Pregnancy? Read This!

Undoubtedly there are times in your pregnancy stage, when you or your partner feels like having sex, but you are worried that sex during pregnancy may harm you or your child. Well, this is not just with you, many couples face this dilemma. Even they are confused when they can resume sex after the birth of their child. Remember that answers to such questions primarily depend upon the health and obstetric history of the woman.

You will be glad to hear that sex during pregnancy is safe and healthy and as ever-lasting and satisfying like before, provided there are no contradictions. Trust me, you can reach the same level of orgasm and enjoy just like your normal days of sexual intercourse. But pregnant women should avoid sex during pregnancy if she suffers from any of following stuffs:
* If her earlier deliveries have been premature
* If her cervix is dilated or effaced
* If she is carrying more than one baby
* If she had abortions before
* If she has placenta praevia (a condition in which placenta partially or completely blocks the neck of uterus
* If there is leakage of amniotic fluid

In the absence of any such contradictions, you can have sex till weeks before the expected date of your delivery, but make sure you consult your doctor regarding the same matter. Make sure you ask your male partner not to put weight /pressure on your abdomen part. For this you as a couple, can use various coital postures of having intercourse. Also, make sure your man does not thrust vigorously.

At the end, remember that for woman, the intimacy and satisfaction that she seeks from sex are just as important, perhaps even more, during her pregnancy stage as at other times.

  • jeje

    After having sex with my wife who is about 2 weeks pregnant there was a pinkish
    discharge from her that lasted few seconds what could that be please?

  • jai

    my wife is pregnancy 6th month running shall i keep sex relationship with my wife

  • raj

    my wife is 10 week preganant, i can keep sex with her, is it oral sex safe for both us

  • mohan kumar

    my wife is pregnancy 6th month running shall ikeep sex relationship with my wife ?
    what is the best position for sex during pregnancy? top of me or back side of her?

  • soda

    my wife is pregnant, 5th month running, can i keep sexual intercourse with my wife.