Renowned European filmmaker Francesco Molteni has been making waves once again with his new documentary all the way from New York to Mount Everest! The Italian born hit director chose the heartbreaking story of the mountain’s faithful guides for his latest project. “Candles for Sherpas” has been wowing Molteni’s legions of fans and had its premier at the world famous film festival 30UNDER30.


Sherpas are Mount Everest’s faithful guides who assist the hundreds of climbers who attempt to conquer the summit every year. But on 18th April 2014 sixteen Sherpas were killed in an avalanche near Base Camp at Mount Everest in the mountain’s worst ever accident. The famous filmmaker decided to document the tragedy from the point of view of the Sherpa community based in Queens, NYC, the largest outside Nepal. It is his sensitive and honest approach that has been winning Francesco rave reviews and huge support not only from Sherpa communities worldwide but the international film community, with many predicting big wins for Molteni in the up coming Award Season in Los Angeles.

It was after working as cinematographer for an upcoming documentary by Tibetan director Ngawang Choephel, that Molteni got close to the Himalayan culture, developing a deep interest and respect. Introducing the topic with the use of rare archival footage, Candle for Sherpas brings the audience straight to the testimony of the Sherpas that left Nepal in search for a better future.

Well the future is certainly bright for Europe’s hottest star on the filmmaking scene. Such is the demand for his work, Francesco has been based in London, England for the latter part of 2014 where he has been collaborating on several (hush hush) British movie projects. I’ve been assured all will be revealed in the coming months.

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