Deep in the murky depths under Waterloo station lies a series of eerily abandoned tunnels that have remained unused since the war. That is until now, when those sneaky creative types in London realized it would make for a most unusual arts and events space and hence turned the foreboding walls into The Vaults Gallery!

The Vaults Gallery

Here, amongst the tunnels adorned with art work for gallery exhibitions and tunnels laid out with extravagant set pieces for corporate events that would make a West End show jealous, The Vaults Gallery is also home to their very own theatre. In their own words The Vaults is “an arts space for the bold, the fresh and the fearless.” They collaborate with those who have “an affinity to the unusual, the daring and the unknown.” And so it seemed only natural that I should be drawn to them for a collaboration of my own!

The Vaults gallery

Alongside London photographer Charlotte Levy I created a photographic series inspired by this unusual underworld. The first,  entitled “You Want Good Time” (see above) plays on themes of human trafficking and beautifully demonstrates why The Vaults Gallery is fast becoming a favorite location for film crews and photographers round the country! The second series (below) is called “The Actress Stripped Bare” and was set within The Vaults Theatre. Here, Charlotte and I asked ‘What more must an actor do in this world of insatiable world of “celebrity”? What more must she give, what more must she bare.. her soul? Her, life? Her soul?’

I’ve left the most provocative photo from this particular shoot on my website if you would like to see more, just in case you’re reading this over breakfast!

The Vaults Theatre

To discover more about The Vaults Gallery and their exhibitions, or to see what is being staged at The Vaults Theatre I urge you to go visit or arrange to pop in one day and experience the tunnels for yourself.

To see more of Charlotte Levy’s stunning art work or to discuss having your own shoot please visit 

To see further shots from our collaboration with The Vaults Gallery you can visit and follow the “On Screen” link.