Tasty burfi recipes


Hey people, read out the sumptuous recipes of burfis, especially for all you sweet lovers. I am sure you all would love these mouth-watering recipes.

Pista burfi
Ingredients for preparing pista burfi:
8 cup milk, ½ tsp kesar, 100 gm chopped pista, chandi vark, 200 gm sugar, ¼ tsp phitkari paste, ½ tsp crushed cardamom

Method for preparing pista burfi:
Mix kesar in some warm water.
Bring milk to a boil and add phitkari to it. Cook on high flame.
When mils turns to thick consistency, add kesar, pista, cardamom powder and cook on low flame.
Pour the mixture on thali. Cover the top with chandi vark.
When it gets cools down, cut them into desirable shapes using knife.
Pista burfi is ready.

Badam burfi
Ingredients for preparing badam burfi:

250 gm badam, 250 gm sugar, ½ tsp cardamom powder, chandi vark

Method for preparing badam burfi:
Soak the badam in water whole night.
Next morning, peel off their skin and make a nice paste in blender.
Prepare chaashni using 1 cup water and sugar in a pan. When chaashni turns thick, add badam paste and cardamom powder to it. Mix well.
Grease thali with ghee and pour the above prepared mixture on it.
Top it with chandi vark.
Let it cool don for sometime.
Cut into desirable shape using knife and serve.

Chaina gola
Ingredients for preparing chaina gola:

500 gm sugar, 500 gm chaina

Method for preparing chaina gola:
Make small pieces of chaina.
Prepare 2 tar chaashni in a pan using sugar and water.
When chaashni turns thick, add chaina pieces in it. Stir with spoon.
When both gets mix well, take out the pan from flame.
Pour it in a thali and let it cool down
Cut into desirable shape using knife.

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