Symptoms of Teething in a Baby


teethingsymptoms Every stage of a child opens up a new horizon for him. Teething is one such stage where-in the teeth of a baby start appearing, opening up an opportunity for the baby to the world of food.

However, teething can be painful and can make the child uncomfortable and irritated.  This article will throw light on some common symptoms that are associated with teething in a baby.

There are few babies who teeth without any pain or discomfort. There are also many children who have to go through the long ordeal of pain and discomfort during their teething process. As a parent, you can find out whether your child is teething or not through the following symptoms.

If you see a lump in the gums of your child, then it may be an indication that your child is in his teething stage. The gums of your baby can become sore and painful, making your child cranky and irritated due to the pain he suffers.

The most common symptom of teething in babies is that of drooling. Babies take out a lot of saliva when they are teething. Similarly, if you find your baby biting things and putting everything he finds in his mouth, then that might indicate that your child is teething.

This is because when a child is teething, his gums are under pressure. To ease the pain of gums, the child tends to bite and gnaw at things. In addition, biting is also a process by which your baby is getting accustomed to the coming of new teeth in his mouth.

Few babies also develop fever and diarrhea during their teething stage. In addition, when babies are in their teething stage, they become cranky, irritable, and find it difficult to get proper sleep due to constant pain and discomfort they experience.

Thus, you must find out if your child is teething or not by paying focus on the above given symptoms.

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