Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer


One of the most dreaded of cancer in women, ovarian cancer is a result of the growth of malignant tumor in the ovary. Its high death rates are particularly due to lack of early detection and timely treatment. Though the symptoms produced in the early stages of cancer are non-specific and general, they are nevertheless important for you to get yourself checked by a doctor. Given below are some symptoms which may be associated with early stages of ovarian cancer and also those which come at a later stage.

Usually a woman suffering from ovarian cancer may display symptoms which are similar to other problems like digestive and bladder disorders. However, while most digestive problems come and go, the symptoms caused by cancer are usually constant which worsen with time. Some of the symptoms which can be associated with early stages of ovarian cancer include abdominal pressure, fullness, swelling or bloating. Urinary urgency and pelvic discomfort or pain can also be associated with ovarian cancer. Women who display these symptoms for a week or more must visit their doctor to avoid delay and complications. Ovarian cancer symptoms also include those of gastrointestinal symptoms like gas, indigestion, nausea or even changes in bowel movements. Vaginal bleeding or discharge, pain during intercourse, difficulty in breathing, fatigue and back pain can be other symptoms associated with ovarian cancer. If you find these symptoms remaining persistent for a couple of weeks, do not delay visiting a doctor. It becomes even more important for you to see a doctor if you have a family history of ovarian or breast cancer. Getting ovarian cancer detected in its early stage is extremely beneficial as almost 90% of women who get diagnosed during stage 1 get treated effectively. Thus, be aware of various symptoms of ovarian cancer and get it checked and treated on time for remaining fit and healthy.

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