Symptoms Of Larynx Cancer

Symptoms Of Larynx Cancer

Symptoms Of Larynx Cancer Larynx cancer is also known as throat cancer and it affects the voice box. The larynx cancer affects more men than women. The cancer is common in patients who are above 60 years of age. The most common type of larynx cancer is the one that affects the internal part of larynx lining. Other types of cancer affect the larynx cells. Some symptoms of larynx cancer are as follows.

Larynx Cancer Symptoms

Hoarseness and Voice Changes

The main symptom of larynx cancer is painless hoarseness. The hoarse voice can be due to other causes like laryngitis, allergy, smoking, thyroid disorders and acid reflux. The larynx cancer affects the vocal chord due to which there may be voice changes. The tumor causes an improper vocal cord vibration, leading to voice changes. Consult a doctor if you have hoarseness for a period extending three weeks as it may be a symptom of larynx cancer.

Breathing Problem

The symptoms of larynx cancer are the same as experienced in cold and allergy. The patient has breathing problem. There is a feeling of a blocked air supply. Tumor and swelling causes this blockage in the air passage.

Symptoms Of Larynx Cancer

The patient experience wheezing and abnormal sounds while breathing. The noisy breathing is due to the narrowing of vocal chord opening. The patient also has a sore throat that does not go away by taking antibiotics.

Difficulty in Swallowing Food

The patient has a problem in swallowing and chewing food for a period extending six weeks. There is a feeling that the food is stuck in the throat and an inability to swallow it. The esophagus becomes narrow and this cause swallowing difficulty. The patient has pain and discomfort while swallowing food. The patient may have a problem in speaking. The patient must consult a doctor who may do some tests to find the reason of this problem.


There is a persistent lump on lips, mouth and throat. There is a white or red colored patch in the mouth, gums or tongue. Some patients may have pain in the mouth along with bleeding and numbness.

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Symptoms Of Larynx Cancer

There may a persistent cough. There may be continuous throat irritation. The patient feels like coughing and clearing the throat. There may blood while coughing.

Neck Swelling

There can be a swelling in the lymph glands, which may look like a neck swelling. When the larynx cancer spreads to lymph glands present in the neck, it causes neck swelling.

Persistent Pain

The patient may have a persistent pain in the neck, ear and jaws. The patient can have pain in the breastbone. The patient may have weakness as well as fatigue.

Bad Breath

Symptoms Of Larynx Cancer

Due to larynx cancer, the patient may have bad breath. There is an unpleasant odor while exhaling of the breath. A persistent bad breath may be a serious sign.

Weight Loss

Patients who have larynx cancer have weight loss. This may be occur if the patient eats less and has swallowing problem. The patient must consult a doctor if he loses four to five kilogram weight during a short time when he is eating a normal diet. An unintentional and unexplained weight loss can be a sign of larynx cancer.

Facial Paralysis

There may be pain, numbness as well as paralysis in the muscles of the face. The patient is unable to move the facial muscles. Facial paralysis is a serious symptom.

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