Symptoms of Jaundice


A liver disorder, jaundice is characterized by the yellow discoloration of skin. This in turn is a result of increased bilirubin levels in the blood. Malfunctioning of liver, intake of excessive alcohol, blockage in liver ducts, genetic problems and intake of certain drugs can lead to the problem of jaundice. Given below are the various symptoms associated with jaundice so that you are aware of them. After all, ignorance is not bliss as you need to be aware of the problem and its symptoms to get a timely treatment.

You must have often seen your mother getting extremely concerned if your skin turns pale and your eyes yellow. This is because yellowing of skin and eyes is one of the most typical symptoms of jaundice. High level of bile pigments get released in the blood during jaundice which in turn leads to the yellowing of skin. Thus, you must have noticed that not only does the skin of the person affected by jaundice turns yellow, but also the white portion of his eyes.

People suffering from jaundice can also experience dark urine and other symptoms like light-colored stools and even itching. These symptoms are basically associated with the underlying cause of jaundice. Additionally, acute inflammation of the liver can lead to symptoms like nausea, fever and loss of appetite along with extreme weakness and fatigue; headaches; and even severe constipation. The person affected can also experience mild pain in the liver region.

If you experience the shown symptoms, then consult your doctor. Being aware of the symptoms of jaundice is one of the prime steps of treating the problem. After all, timely detection implies timely treatment which in turn helps in preventing complications. There are various natural, herbal as well as allopathic treatments available for the problem of jaundice.

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