Symptoms of Blood Cancer


We all dread by the even mentioning of blood cancer. But ignorance is not bliss in this case. You should be aware of the symptoms of this deadly problem so that it can be cured before it reaches fatal consequences. Read below to learn about the various symptoms of blood cancer so that you can get treated before the condition gets serious.

Leukemia or blood cancer affects the white blood cells. Its symptoms vary according to the severity of the disease. While the cause of leukemia is not known, it is believed to be triggered by weakened immune system, age, smoking, and also due to some other blood disorders. There are two kinds of cancer- acute leukemia and chronic one.  Symptoms of blood cancer usually include tiredness, paleness and breathlessness; frequent infections; increased bruising; abnormal bleeding from cuts and gums; heavier periods in women; bone pain; swollen lymph glands; abdominal pain; and even headaches and vision problems. Body of people suffering from leukemia also sweats a lot at night. Frequent weight loss, difficulty while urinating, occurrence of fine rashes or dark spots can also be associated with blood cancer. It is not necessary that you experience all these symptoms. it depends upon the stage of cancer. There may be no symptoms in the early stages, especially in people with chronic leukemia. Many symptoms are vague like fever, headaches, weight loss and night sweats.

Most of the time, these conditions can be identified through blood tests. It is necessary to get yourself treated and checked when experiencing these symptoms. The treatments of leukemia include chemotherapy, radiotherapy, bone marrow transplant, steroids and others. Blood cancer is a disease which should be rectified as soon as possible to prevent fatal consequences. Thus, knowing about its symptoms is necessary to prevent yourself and to live a healthy life.

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