Symptoms indicating complications during pregnancy


Are you confuse that what can be the symptoms or warning signs of complications that may occur during your pregnancy period? Well in that case, don’t panic much; here are some warning signs mentioned below, just go through them. Also, remember that warning signs should be taken as an indication of possible illness, infection or threatened miscarriage. However, it is just as important that you remain calm as it is that you recognize the sign and act on it, since nothing may be wrong. Trust me; just speaking to your doctor can be reassuring. Just have a look on the list of various signs that can indicate complications in your pregnancy.

Check are you suffering from vaginal bleeding? Remember that it is never normal to bleed during the pregnancy.

Are you suffering from any kind of abdominal pain or severe cramping?

Is there any loss of fluid from your vagina or any kind of vaginal discharge that might be irritating you?

Do you feel like vomiting or persistence nausea forms a part of your daily schedule? Frequent dizzy spells occur while doing household chores or do you faint often?

Suffering from visual disturbances like dimness, blurring, flashes of light, or dots in front of the eyes.

If you suffers from severe and persistence headache during your pregnancy time. Even persistence dull or sharp pain in any other part of your body can result in complications.

If you notice marked decrease in the frequency of urination or you start feeling pain, burning sensation upon urination.

If you find any noticeable decrease in fetal movement, go to a doctor for immediate check-up.

If you have a fever higher than 100 degrees Fahrenheit orally, or chills and fever- consult your doctor to reduce the chances of complications during your pregnancy.


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