Sunbeds: For and Against


sunbed1 Sunbeds are most popular among people with fair skin.  Many people associate tanned skin with health and beauty but they do not know that the long term consequences of using a sunbed can be serious.  They have both positive and negative aspects.

Positive Aspects

Most men and women want a plane tan and that’s what a sunbed gives them.  They don’t have to wait for summer and spend long hours in the sun. In fact it requires just a few visits for about 10 minutes each time and they get a perfect tan.

Sunbeds are comfortable as well. But people should also consider how safe they are to use or is it the vice versa.

Negative Aspects

People believe that sunbeds are safer than sun tanning. Sunbeds contain fluorescent tubes, which tan the skin by emitting Ultraviolet Rays, the same type of radiation that is produced by natural sunlight and is the main cause of skin cancer.

The chances of developing skin cancer greatly increases with more exposure to ultraviolet radiation. The skin has several functions and it requires special care.

With the use of sunbeds, the skin is harmed from the inside and may cause skin reactions and finally lead to skin cancer. Getting a tan using a sunbed is no safer than sunbathing outdoors.

Daily use of sunbeds makes the skin look dry, aged and unnaturally brown.  Men and women have different attitudes to the use of sunbeds. There are just a few men who prefer to visit sunbed salons a few times because most men get a tan naturally.

Women are generally more concerned about their body and looks, and hence visit sunbed salons more often.  Most men, however; prefer their girlfriends to visit sunbeds and see them tanned.

Sunbeds aren’t a safe alternative to tanning outdoors.  It is very important to take care of the body to prevent premature skin ageing which causes the skin to become coarse, leathery and wrinkled at a younger age.

It is advisable to do things wisely when it comes to making changes to the body.  Sunbeds have advantages and disadvantages and people should consider both before deciding on the next step.

Sunbeds may be fashionable nowadays but that doesn’t mean hurting your body and skin to keep in pace with fashion.

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  • Adele

    Personally, i do not agree with sunbeds as they have more negative aspects than positive, if they could cause cancer why would anybody want to use them? Also it doesn’t look natural and a few females that i have seen who use sun beds normally have red burn marks on them or they look like a wotsit.