Sumptuous sweet dishes


Hey girls and guys, here are some sumptuous and mouth-watering sweet dishes for you all- Just read them out. I am sure you all would love them. So don’t waste any more time- read and try them in your kitchen cabinet for yourself and your loved ones!

Ras bada

1 kg chenna, 125 gm badam, 50 gm pista, 50 gm mishri, 100 gm powdered sugar, 100 gm Maida, 50 gm raisins, 25 gm small cardamom, 500 gm sugar, kevra

Add kevra to powdered sugar and keep it aside.
peel off the badam skin and make paste of badam in a blender.
Add Maida and chenna to badam paste and blend again. Now prepare small balls from this paste.
Chop 50 gm badam and pista together in a bowl.
Make a paste of cardamom.
Wash raisins in water.
Mix all the above 4 ingredients together with mishri and mix well.
Use this paste as filing for the balls.
Heat ghee in a pan and fry them.
Drop these prepared balls in chaashni and bring it to a boil on low flame.
Take out the balls from chaashni and sprinkle sugar mixed kevra on it and keep aside for sometime.

Sita bhog

750 gm besan, 1 kg paneer or chenna, 125 gm ghee, milk to taste

Add ghee to the besan and mix it well. Now add chenna or paneer to it and again blend it well. Add milk at the end prepare a nice batter from it.
Heat ghee in a pan.
Pour this batter on the pauni and let it gets fall from its drops in pan. Let these drops get fried and turn golden in color.
Pour these drops in chaashni for sometime. Later take them out and keep aside.

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